Why It’s Vital To Your Success To Stay Focused

Why It’s Vital To Your Success To Stay Focused

I’m not going to tell you that staying focused is easy, it’s essential when it comes to your success online and in life. In the video above I share with you my thoughts about why it’s vital to your success to stay focused. The truth of the matter is if you’re not focused then you can’t fully put all your energy and effort into one thing and you will never get extraordinary results.

I am writing this post and sharing this video with you because even though I truly believe it’s vital to your success to stay focused in the last few days I almost lost my focus was nearly lured into some very shiny objects.

Unfortunately too many people fall for these shiny objects every single day and they lose their focus and basically have to start over from scratch. Now I know this is harmful when it comes to me reaching the goals I have set for myself but when your faced with something that is so alluring it’s a real challenge to walk away and go back to what you’re focused on. It makes it even more challenging to stay focused when you have people you respect telling you to come on over because this shiny object is your ticket to riches you can’t imagine.

This kind of thing happens all the time online. You’re led to believe that if you come over to this other thing that everything is going to be great. Go ahead and leave everything you have been working on and just follow the easy money.

So the last few days for me have been a roller coaster ride of emotions. I see what’s possible but knowing what I have proclaimed on my videos and knowing that this could actually could set me back I decided to reach out to someone I know who has been marketing for about 17 years and has done very well what his thoughts were.

This is what he said…


There are always new and wonderful things.

In order to generate power one must be able to hold a position. You cannot push a
heavy object across a floor if the floor is covered in ice. Your feet simply slip.

Only an engine that is mounted to a stable base can produce torque. Otherwise
the engine slips and spins, etc.

Moving from one program to another is not holding a position, it is slipping.

Also, whatever problem one has in building one thing is still a problem with a new

So, if you cannot generate leads and get signups with one decent program there
is no reason to think that you are going to generate leads and get signups with

I never, ever, ever quit something to move to something else. I build, automate,
then add a new thing.


That right there pretty much sums its up…

If you have not reached your goals in one thing then why in the world do you think anything is ever going to change for you in another thing?

If you haven’t developed the mindset and skillset nothing is going to change for you and all you are going to be doing is starting over from scratch again.

You make a move when you’re in a position to automate what you’re doing and have reached the level of success you want. Doing it before is foolish and will keep you going in circles which produces meager results and very little money.

Understand that the people you see making big money in the new offer have developed and following and have a massive traffic budget. They have taken the time to develop the mindset and skillset needed to be successful in whatever they choose to do.

If you don’t have those things in place then good luck to you.

Now I am not only saying this for you to hear it but for me as well.

The online industry is crazy!

There are distractions thrown your way every single day. There are people that claim to be leaders that will lead you astray.

If you don’t stay focused then you will end up spending your time and money and not have any good fruit to show for it.

I want you to know that I have followed people in the past that have led me astray. They have taken me from one thing to the next thing to the next thing and before I knew it I didn’t know what up from down was. Now I understand we are all marketers and want to make money, but at some point you got to stop and see where your team is. Is it really serving them in a positive manner to be moving them from one thing to another thing to another thing when they haven’t even got any results yet?

I won’t do that because I know what it feels like and it’s doesn’t help anyone but the guy or women on top making all the money. Personally I hate to see this happen and it happens all to often.

I do hope this post has at least helped you understand why it’s vital to your success to stay focused on your goals and what you’re doing. I do hope and trust that I have provided you with advice that you can take to heart and it helps you make wise decisions going forward.

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To your abundance,

Why it's vital to your success to stay focused

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