Body Transformations


These are real transformation stories of  people who got real results that are just like you!  There were no magic formulas or powders used, and there were no crazy fad diets either. These transformations occurred because these people made the decision to change their lives for the better by using Beachbody programs and the support of their Beachbody Coach.  It was by staying committed to a program that has been proven to work thousands of times. You too could could have a Body Transformation and I can help you achieve it by providing you with the support and guidance you need to stay motivated and moving forward so reaching your goal can become a reality.

If you would like to learn how I can help you please Contact Me and tell me a little about yourself.


Body Transformations

Lisa J.
Lisa Lost 110 lbs in just over 1 year!

Brazil Butt Lift has RE-SHAPED my butt! I can SEE MY BODY!! This is what I am SUPPOSED to look like! I feel sexy and feminine!! . . . I am getting the sexy body that I could only have imagined in my wildest dreams!

Jason G.

Jason lost 77 lbs in a year!

 On February of 2011, Jason and his daughter were watching TV like any other night, but on that night his daughter told him he was getting FAT.  Now when a 6 year old says you have gained weight it seems very surreal.  Jason decided that was his breaking point and started his journey toward getting healthy and physically fit.  Within 90 days of committing to working out 6 days a week, and eating an extremely clean diet he lost an amazing 53 pounds.  Jason can tell you now that he is inspired to help others with their goals because he has been on both sides of the spectrum and nothing, and he means nothing is like being in great physical condition.


Shaun H.

Shaun H. hit a huge milestone today, ahead of his goal! He’s lost TWO HUNDRED pounds!! He attributes about 110 lbs of his weight loss to Beachbody products!


Tina G.

Tina G. is a New York police officer who decided to take the Insanity Challenge.  She had mind blowing results and lost over 17 lbs and 9 1/2 inches off of her entire body.


Mellissa A.

P90X literally saved Mellissa A.’s life. She was unhealthy and very unhappy in her life during her school years. She was outcast by the other kids because of her size, and turned to food for comfort. She began home schooling in high school, and had constant access to food. By the end of high school, she was barely 5 ft. tall, weighed 210 lbs and wore a size 20 jeans. She was so depressed, that some days she couldn’t get out of bed. She ended up losing 81 lbs by doing P90X.


Dominick G.

At just 38 years old, Dominick G. was getting out of breath just trying to tie his shoes. His clothes were tight and uncomfortable, and he was getting tired very quickly when trying to play with his two boys. He knew something had to change.

He started off with P90X. He had seen some friends and family get great results, so he knew it could work for him too. After 4 rounds of P90X, he was ready to move on, but not quit! Next up for him was Insanity. And after that, P90X2. He was getting amazing results, and he was NOT stopping there!! He packed in another round of Asylum, and has just now started Asylum: Volume 2.

He dropped from 262 lbs to 194 – a total of 68 lbs lost in about a year and a half! He also dropped from a size 38 waist to a size 34. His resting heart rate dropped from 78 to 67. Throughout all of this, Dominick was suffering from acid reflux. But since adding Shakeology, he has rarely had to take medication for the reflux. His clothes fit great, he’s out on the football field out-performing the 20-somethings, and best of all, he can play with his kids again without getting tired.

Nice work, Dominick! Your dedication to the programs truly paid off. Congrats!


 Jessica L.

Jessica and her husband Greg have a busy life with three young children and their youngest son in and out of the hospital since his birth.  Despite their hectic life, they committed to P90X and not only saw physical results but positive effects throughout their family.


Leo N.

He drinks Shakeology every day, and after completing 2 rounds of P90X, 1 round of Insanity, an Insanity/P90X hybrid, and P90X+, he dropped from 283 lbs and 26% body fat to 195 lbs and has only 11% body fat!! That’s 88 lbs lost in just one year.


 Jerod W.

There was once a time when 29 year old Jerod W. weighed in at 240 lbs. Jerod says he didn’t really feel overweight, but the light bulb clicked on when his pants became too tight. He was on the brink of buying a new belt – not from wear and tear, but because he was on the last notch! This was the tipping point for him to start getting in shape. With the help of P90X and Insanity Jerod lost 55 lbs and now weighs a healthy and happy 185 lbs. Originally all he wanted to do was shed some pounds to get his belt to fit… and to improve his basketball skills. Jerod has now made a lifestyle change for the better. His success has inspired his family and friends, and it inspired us too! Way to go, Jerod!!


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