This Makes Me Mad! What About You?

I wanted to warn you because this post was written straight from the heart and it shows how I really feel. I did not stop to think about what I was writing, instead I just wrote how I feel. This may offend some of you but my intention is more to motivate you to take action to make a difference with me. I have been fighting this fight for years now and I don’t feel I am doing it justice. I don’t feel I have even made a scratch and that really upsets me.

I can’t make the change that needs to be made alone. An army, I mean many armies are needed to change this vicious cycle. When you finish reading this post and you decide you want to take on this fight with me then please send me a message because you are someone I would like to meet. Together we can make a difference. Together we can end the trend of obesity.

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Why am I mad you may ask?

Its simple really and the  reason I am mad is because of how we take our health for granted. I frankly do not understand why this is swept under the rug and not taken seriously and why we have become so lazy as a society.

It seems if we do not have everything handed to us we are not interested in it. This kind of thinking is sick and we need to change it because it does not only affect you. No this way of thinking affects everyone and everything around you.

As a teacher I get to witness the product of this daily and its sad really. We are teaching our kids that they deserve handouts. They deserve to just take take and take and laziness is a great thing.

I am going to do my best to keep this to just health and fitness but in reality this attitude of entitlement affects everything.

Why is it that I turn on the tv and I see not one, but 2 different belts that promise to get you six pack abs? All you need to do is put them on and wear them around the house to get the flat firm stomach you have always dreamed of.

Whats even worse is people buy this trash. This is not going to do anything for you if you have a lot of body fat period.

Then you go to the next commercial and its about something you sprinkle on your food that is going to help you lose weight. You can still eat crap and you don’t have to exercise. WTF!

Guess what, people buy this garbage! They throw their hard earned money away because it promises to deliver them results by pretty much doing nothing.

Then there is the lap band. I boggles my mind how someone would rather go under the knife than to just do and exercise program and change their diet. I don’t know about you but for me going under the knife is the last thing I would ever want to do.

I am not a genius or anything like that but I know for a fact that you don’t get what you want doing nothing. It just does not work. You have to put work into it to reap rewards.

Have you ever heard the saying you reap what you sow? Well if you are not sowing anything how are you going to reap anything!

Like Dani Johnson says “DUH”

What makes me most sad is when I see kids in as young as the 1st grade already hating activity.

I ask you how do we let this happen? A 1st grader!

I could go on and on because lets face it many people are lazy. They want things to be handed to them and not have to do anything for it. These would be the people Dani Johnson says are the 98%’rs. These people according to the stats will either be dead or broke age 65.

I know many will look at that stat and shake your head and say that’s not true. I personally believe it is and to see it all you have do is look around. Many people give up. They just don’t want to try anymore and settle for less.
What happened to the satisfaction of getting a job done even though it was hard?

What happened to being a productive member of society?

What happened to not blaming others for your problems?

This has got to change people. I am sick to death of this stuff. It makes me so angry when a 10 year old is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, when I see kids that are obese and already struggle at such a young age just to run one lap. When I watch parents feed their kids crap because it is cheap even though they are aware of the problems it will cause.

I could go on and on about this. Frankly what we are doing is not working and we are failing big time as a society. I believe America is one of the fattest nations in the world. Doesn’t this make you angry? I know it does me.

I got involved in health and fitness for a reason and that was to help people change their lives. They don’t have to hate their bodies and be stuck going to the doctor. I meet people every day that are sick mostly because of their lack of exercise and eating a healthy diet yet they won’t change their ways even though they are unhappy and  they are sick.

This stuff is not that hard but when it comes down to it, when it comes to walking for 20 minutes or sitting on the couch what do most people end up doing? They sit their butts on the couch.  They do this even though they know they are going to feel better after walking.


Why do schools districts continue to treat Physical Education like it is recess and stick kids in classrooms longer so they can score better on a test when study after study has proven that exercise increases test scores?

I am a perfect example of this. I am not talking about test scores so much but I am talking about creative energy. I know after I finish my workout I have tons of ideas that I need to get out. My energy level is really high and I feel great.

Again I could go on and on about this and yes I am very angry.

I am going to wrap this up. It makes me angry when I talk to someone who desperately needs to make a change and they refuse because it is going to cost a minimal amount of money and they do not value their health enough yet they spend 500 bucks like it was nothing on the newest gadget.

It makes me angry when people tell me they don’t have time to exercise or the money to eat right yet they sit in a fast food drive thru line and and buy food that guarantees them an early death.

I am sick and tired of the excuses that people use to paralyze them into a life of mediocrity and low self esteem and little confidence.

You may be shaking your head saying this is not you and I am out of my mind but I challenge you to open your eyes and see for yourself.

Take a trip to Costco one day and look around and it is plain to see what a terrible state we are in. We should be sounding the alarm. We should be standing up and wanting to make a difference.

Personally I think their should be a tax on fatty foods. Yes I am sure that will piss a lot of people off and that is fine. I would rather you be be angry than you costing hard working tax payers the billions of dollars that are spent each year on obesity related diseases.

Personally I feel you are being selfish if you don’t want to do anything to change your situation because it affects everyone and not only you.

I am sure this post is going to piss a lot of people off and I hope it does. I hope it pisses you off enough that you want to make a change finally.

Today I took a trip to Costco today. I am not going to lie it is tempting to grab the already made microwavable food. I did the math on the Marie Calendar Pot Pies and it came out to like $1.42 a pie. Yes that is crazy cheap but look at the ingredients. If you can’t pronounce them then they are not good for you so opt for fresh food that is natural.

It does not have to cost a lot to eat healthy. That is a misconception and its very far from the truth. You will probably end up saving money because lets face it that processed stuff is not cheap.

Now that you know where I am coming from I figured I would share with you a letter I read the other day.  This letter basically summarizes how I feel.

It is my hope that you get something out of it and once and for all we unite and take a stand against this epidemic that is taking over our country.




I’m angry.


I’m angry because fat doctors exist.


Every day they go into work and deal with patients that are in pain and dying from complications related to being obese. They see in gory detail what diabetics have to go through after their first amputation. They listen to crying fathers that had a heart attack while simply playing with their kids. They comfort family members after their mother died from heart disease, the nation’s number one killer.


And when they leave the hospital, tired from helping so many sick and overweight people, they eat junk food. They skip the gym. They take the elevator. They go home and sit on the couch. They are a terrible example for the people they are trying to help.


I’m angry because it’s considered kind if you bake cookies and cakes for your family.


If you help your family to die a little earlier, to be a little more depressed, to have to deal with low energy levels, to have to get on medication for high cholesterol, to be stuck in bad eating habits for life, then you are thanked and considered a good person.


I’m angry because you are considered a mean parent if you don’t give your kids candy and sweets on a regular basis.


Children went hundreds of thousands of years without candy, but in today’s society, it’s borderline considered child abuse to withhold it from them. You would go to jail if you gave them a single cigarette (which won’t do any immediate harm), but if you kill them slowly with sugar, you are a good, loving parent.


I’m angry at gyms.


They know you aren’t going to keep showing up. They count on it in their business plans. If you don’t show up for a few weeks, do you get a call? Do they even notice? They exist to help you get into shape, and they are purposely failing and it’s our fault. We demand the lowest monthly cost, so we get the bare minimum in exchange.


I’m angry with large health associations that don’t address the actual issues.


How is it okay to sell Jumbo Cookies Platters, which include a cookie recipe with brown sugar, on your site to raise money? You don’t get it. Most health associations are focused on treating the symptoms with drugs, rather than doing the hard work of prevention. They are afraid to tell their members to change their lifestyle.


I’m angry that food companies make their food look healthy.


High fat and high sugar products promote “whole grain” or “high in vitamin C” on their packaging, creating a false sense that these products are healthy. 100 Calorie Packs (which are just junk food in small packages) make you feel like you are doing the right thing for your body. Subway restaurant appears good for you, but most people pack on mayo, bacon, cheese and white bread and a side of chips to their “healthy” lunch. If you show up at the office in the morning with an Oreo milkshake, you are unhealthy, but show up with a Starbucks Frappuccino, which is basically the same thing, and you are just having your morning coffee.


I’m angry that the media is constantly bashing vitamins, protein powders, and nutritional supplements.


The studies that show they work are multiplying, but you wouldn’t know it by reading the news. Out of shape journalists mostly promote the ones that show supplements in a negative light. Consumers deserve the truth.


I’m angry with all of the hucksters selling their latest fad diet book or miracle fitness program.


Not a day goes by that I don’t have somebody ask me about some new diet program that was just released. They are looking for the easy way to the body they want, and they don’t want to hear that it takes actual hard work and lifestyle change. It’s not rocket science; bodybuilders have been transforming and preparing for contests for decades. We know what works. The infomercials try to sell us the quick fix, and once we get it into our heads that we shouldn’t have to work for the life we dream of, we keep searching for the next miracle.


I’m more than just angry. I’m sad.


I’m sad when I hear about somebody’s family member that died too young. I’m sad when I see the number of prescription medications that people are taking on a daily basis due to their lifestyle. I’m sad when I hear that obesity is continuing to rise. I’m sad that our children will be the first generation to live shorter lives than the previous one. I’m sad when I see somebody start a fitness program and give up within weeks. I’m sad when I see people I love struggling.


I’m sad that the couch is winning.


It doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why today I’m asking for your help.


Help me change it. Help me turn it around.


It’s possible if you understand that willpower doesn’t really exist. It’s not just about discipline and sacrifice. It’s about habit change. It’s about resetting norms. It’s about education. It’s about setting up your environment to make fitness easy. It’s about social accountability and helping your friends. It’s taking one simple step at a time, not setting yourself up to fail with drastic change all at once. It’s about setting goals and tracking your progress. It’s about long-term behavior change, not outcomes.


Don’t accept the things that make you angry in society. Don’t sit back and watch. Do something. Say something. Help someone.


Can you personally commit to health and fitness in 2013? Can you do it publicly to let others know that you are going to be part of the revolution? Sign our Facebook Commitment Wall Tab with me. Ask a friend to sign it. One person at a time, we can make a change.




Ryan Deluca, CEO


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