The Raging Bear

Empower NetworkThis is story about a bear that was terrorizing an Alaskan town. This particular bear was causing all kinds of problems and had a lot of fight in it. Something had to be done about the bear. So the town decided the best place for the bear was going to be in the town zoo.

When the bear was first put into the cage all the bear wanted to do was to get out of the cage. The bear would charge the cage with all its might. The people near the cage would of been mauled if the cage was not there. The bear would bang its head against the cage and try its best to get out. The zoo keepers would take its food and just push it to the back of the cage. Each day the bear would continue banging on the care and try to get out. It still had a lot of fight left in it. This would go on for awhile but eventually that fight would start to leave the bear.

You see everyday the bear would try its best to get out of the cage but little by little its hope was being crushed. Each day it tried it fought just a little bit less. Before long there was not reason for the bear to fight anymore. The food was given to it and there was no hope for the bear to get out of the cage. Now the bear would no longer attack the cage. Instead the bear would just wait until it’s food came and just sit in the far back corner of the cage. This would go on for some time. The bear would just sit in the back corner of the cage and not move. It would just wait for its food. In the bears mind there was no reason to move because the food was given to him and he could not escape his cage.

There Are No Bars!

One day the people taking care of the bear decided to see what would happen if they removed the cage when they brought its food. Some of the people thought this idea was insane and the people outside the cage would be killed by the bear because the cage would not be holding the bear back. The next time they brought the bear its food the bear was in the back of the cage like usual. They went ahead and removed the cage so their was nothing standing in the way of the bear. The bear could of easily mauled whoever was in front of the cage.

Instead of the bear running after the person with the food the bear just sat in its corner and waited for the food to be delivered to him. The bear did not move because the bear had given up. In the bears mind the cage was still there. It was easier just to let the food come to the bear because it was comfortable than to be free.

Empower NetworkThe story of the bear that when first captured was a fighter and then over time after being placed in a cage for so long lost the fight represents many people today. It is not any different than people who constantly show up to a job that really does not provide them what they need but they continue to do it because it has become comfortable. Instead of food being delivered to them it is their wage. It may not even be much. It could only be 13 dollars an hour but because they are comfortable making just barely enough or doing just enough they have accepted it. In their mind they see that there is no other way. This is all that there is and there is no point to even try to do anything differently because it will just end in failure or it is too much work.  Their minds have them trapped even though they are free to run they choose to accept the measly wage and deal with things they really would rather not deal with.

Are You The Bear Trapped In The Cage?

I know me personally I was trapped in a cage. I did not see another way. All I knew was what I was taught from grade school on. That was go to college and get a degree then get a job. A degree is going to help you get a good job. Now for the rest of your life you are locked into this corporate system trying to do whatever you can to move up the ladder and increase your income. For some people this is a great thing for them, but let’s face facts. The majority of people will never move up the ladder. They either just do not have the drive or they do not have the connections. Even then if you were to move up the ladder you would be given even more responsibility and when you add up the extra stress that is placed on you is it really worth your raise.

So what happens? Many people become trapped because they just don’t see a way out. They do just enough to not get fired but nothing more. This is not good for the employee or the employer. Since the economy is the way it has been for so many years now its is even worse. Employees fear losing their jobs and employers know that. You are told you are lucky to have a job even though you are way underpaid and overworked, but we do it out of fear, out of the belief that there is nothing else and we are desperate to have a job.

I Know What It Is Like To Struggle

My friend I know it is hard. I have been in the trenches and I am still in the trenches. I have gone without work for over 2 years and I am still not back to where I was before the loss of my job. I totally get the fear and I understand why so many have given up and have just accepted less than what they deserve. What I propose is not quitting your job. Instead what I propose is building multiple streams of income. Fear is horrible and it completely paralyzes you. Instead of taking risks you would rather take the safe road. We all know what happens with the safe road. It is called mediocrity and not performing to your potential. You will never become who you are capable of becoming if you just take the safe road.

Keep your job and earn your living, but in the meantime work on learning knew skills that will provide you with another stream of income and ultimately your fortune. I recommend doing something that will provide you with residual income. This is the type of income that keeps coming in even if you are not working. Its like making your money work for you instead of having to work for your money.

So how do I do you do this you ask? Well one such way is to join a business that will leverage your time to make you money. Instead of working for hours like you do in a normal job or business you leverage people and the internet to work for you even when you are sleeping. There are a number of ways to do this and one of the problems is learning how to do it. It can be very overwhelming and there is a lot you will need to learn. Believe me I have been overwhelmed. When I first decided I wanted to make a living online I had no clue what I was getting into. Thankfully I have found a way that even your grandma can start making money online.

Leverage Your Time And Be Free

This is why I suggest joining a business that is already set up to work for you. You do not need to learn everything to get started. You get trained as you go exactly how to make money online or offline if you choose. The products you purchase are your training, and the great thing is you will get 100% commissions for whatever products you purchase. This means you get to buy the product and use it all you want. You keep the product and you can sell it for exactly what you bought it for and this can happen as many times as you want so you will continue to make money off that same product even though you still own it. It is like if you were to sell your car for what you originally paid for it when it was new and not only make that money but keep your car too. What would that feel like to you? Make 100% of the money and keep your car too. Well this is possible and all you have to do to learn how is CLICK HERE.

This might sound to good to be true but it is true. Think about how great it is going to be for you and your family when you can spend the time you want with them. When you can go on vacations and still be making money. For me personally this would be worth thousands of dollars to me. To get started though you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars. You don’t even need to spend $100. All you need to get started is $25.

Make sure you CLICK HERE to learn more and get started.

When you do you will be asked to give your email address and then you will be taken to a video that is about 30 minutes in length. I know when I first watched this video I watched it in awe. I just could not believe what I was seeing and hearing.

My friend there is a better way. You can have financial freedom and live life the way it was meant to live. Its time for you to run free and get out of that cage.

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