Team Wukar Update 12.10.14 – Keeps Delivering More Value

Team Wukar Just Keeps Getting Better

Today is 12/10/14 and last night I was invited to a special hangout.  I didn’t know what it was about I was just told that it was something big.

When I found out what it was I was blown away.  The reason is because we have yet another layer of support to the already amazing resources, training and support that we already have with Team Wukar.

Basically what happened was some of the top leaders on a team within Team Wukar got together and decided to put together a system for our team that would make it very simple for anyone even if they did not have hardly any marketing experience to get results.

Again this is on top of what we already get with Team Wukar and we were never told that this was even coming because they wanted to make sure it was ready to go when they introduced it to us.

All I can say if you are not a member of Team Wukar yet you might want to consider becoming one now.

Even More Marketing Resources Are Now Available For Team Wukar!

Well kind of…

You see not everyone on Team Wukar is going to get access to what our team has.  Now most will but the leaders of our team put this amazing system together to help our team duplicate.

So what is this system that is going to help you duplicate your business like no other?

We now have a system in place that literally takes care of just about everything for you.  The only thing it does not do at this time is provide you with traffic but Team Wukar has you covered there.

So in a nutshell this is how this works.  You send traffic to already tested funnels and there are a few to choose from.  When traffic hits your page and decides to enter their information they will start to go through a follow up sequence that will help them see how joining with you could really benefit them.

You do not need to write your own follow up sequence. This is all done for you by professional 7 figure marketers who are very skilled in the art of copywriting.  Not only that, but depending on the type of lead you have coming into the funnel be it warm or cold market they will see a different email sequence.

The follow ups are catered to the type of lead you have in the system. This is not just some throw some emails into it and see what sticks.  This has been thought out and tested to make sure it will convert to sales.

On top of having your leads followed up for you, you can also track every action your lead takes through the process. You can see what link they clicked on, how long they spent watching a video and where they are in the process.

Could you see how this could benefit you?

There is so much to this system that I am not even able to get to in this post.  This is what you should know though.

This system is set up to help you make money and a lot of time testing and tweaking has taken place to get it to do that.

Essentially all you have to do is start getting traffic into the system and it will do the rest for you. Its plug, play and go.

It really is that simple!

We also have access to top training provided by proven and experienced marketers.  These are marketers that know exactly what it takes
to make money online and have duplication and they have the results to back it up.

This system is provided only for our team and is a bonus to everything else you get by being part of Team Wukar.

If I were to say being a part of this movement was a no brainer that would be an understatement.  With all the tools, resources, training, leadership and support we have you can feel confident knowing you could succeed with us.


To your abundance,

Team Wukar
Paul Farmer
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