How Teachable Are You? Are You Really That Teachable?

Are you teachable?

You might think that you are very teachable but what happens when someone tells you that you are going to need to spend 5000 dollars to get the  training you need to be successful? Are you going to do it?

What if they tell you that you are going to have to give up your favorite activity. Would you do it?

Many of us think that we are in fact teachable but in reality we are far from it. We are teachable if it makes sense in our minds. If it is what you think is right and makes sense to us.



The worst thing you can ever say is I ALREADY KNOW THAT!

This is a sure guarantee that you are going to stay stuck right where you are at. It does not matter if you are struggling just to get by, or you are very wealthy, if you say I ALREADY KNOW THAT then you are not teachable and you will no longer be able to grow.

I know it can be a hard pill to swallow. Its not easy hearing these things. We are so used to our egos getting in our way that we think our thoughts are always true and correct.

Let me ask you this question. If you had a billionaire that was willing to coach you and he was not even going to ask you for a dime do you think you would be teachable?

I am going to put you to the test right now. Are you ready?

Ok here is the test. The billionaire is going to work with you. He or She is going to teach you what they did to become as successful as they have become but there is only one thing you need to promise to do.

Its simple really, all you have to do is do exactly what they tell you to do.

Now this does not seem that difficult right! Many of you would be jumping at the chance to be mentored by a billionaire but would you be able to honor the request to do what they say to do?

Now I know you are thinking you would but lets make this interesting.

What if that billionaire told you that you had to go to this conference and it was in London and you lived in the US and it was happening in 2 days. On top of this the cost of the conference was going to be 5000 dollars. Would you go?

Or would you find reasons why you could not go? Would you say you don’t have the time, do not have the money, think you are not going to learn anything anyway?

That is the way most of us think and that is why we are where we are. You see we have a very low teachability index and still want to believe what we know is right.

I am not going to pretend and say that this is an easy request. I am not going to say that I would jump right on the plane and go. But what I am saying here is if we don’t learn this lesson we don’t know what we don’t know then we are going to stay stuck and success will always be like that carrot just dangling out in front of you just far enough so you can’t reach it.

If you are struggling you will always struggle until you get this.

I would like to think if a billionaire was taking the time to coach you that you would do whatever they asked you to do as long as it did not harm you or anyone of course.

Obviously, a billionaire knows more than you know about being successful making money. Obviously their way of thinking has produced mega results so it would seem almost naive to think that what you know is right because what you know and what I know is what put us where we are today and if we don’t learn this then we will remain exactly where we are.

I am sure if you are still reading this you are shaking your head. You are probably thinking this guy is an a-hole and he is full of it. All I say to that is I don’t know what I don’t know and as soon as I think I know it I am done.

I only share this information with you to help you. To help you become aware of what I have to become aware of to be able to grow and achieve the success you desire.

I myself don’t know everything and I never will. That is what fools believe.

So are you teachable?

If you are then how teachable are you?

If you are teachable or you are striving to be teachable then please come see what our Prosperity Team is all about.

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So many of us sell our selves short because of what we have been told or the experiences we have had in our lives. If you are tired of being sold short. If you have this feeling in your gut that you should be doing so much more with your life. That you are meant for something much bigger, then you owe it to yourself to come and see what our Prosperity Team is all about.If you enjoyed today’s post

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