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[Hangout] Health, Wellness or Both!

Today was our first day of our Synergy in Motion Hangout. Today we talked about the differences when it comes to health and wellness. Watch the hangout below and be sure to leave your comments about what you think below. Also be sure to tune into our next hangout this Wednesday at 8am. See you […]

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[Live Hangout] Synergy In Motion Starting Monday July 8th at 8am Pacific/11am EST

FYI: The days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday not M-F. Starting Monday July 8th at 8am Pacific and 11am EST we will be starting a Hangout regarding health, wellness, nutrition and self-growth. I personally am very excited to have this opportunity to share with you what is a passion of mine and that is empowering […]

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New Studies Show Sugar Is Toxic To Your Health

Sugar Is Toxic?   Is sugar toxic? This is the question that is answered in the video below. Experts used to think it was fat that was causing heart disease and diabetes. This is why our government decided to regulate fat in our food. The problem is we still have these same problems and they […]

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Are You Eating All Your Fruits and Vegetables?

When it comes to most people eating all their fruits and vegetables, I would have to say most people do not. I know I am one of those people even though I try hard to get them all in. One of the problems with eating fruits and vegetables is it is just to expensive. Have […]

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