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Is Network Marketing For You?

Is Network Marketing even for you? I had a guy tell me that Network Marketing was not for him and he could not do it. ┬áThis really made me angry because I felt like he was not even giving it a chance and I feel like too many people do this exact thing when they […]

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Powerful Lesson Learned From Mark Hoverson At Top Earner Academy Live Day 2

Watch the video above to discover a powerful lesson I learned from 8 figure earner Mark Hoverson about making money. This one you are going to want to put into action right away.   Click here to discover how you could start earning $320-$5120 a sale using this simple system. To your abundance, Paul Farmer […]

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A Couple Take Away’s From Top Earner Academy Live Day 1

Watch the video above to hear a couple of concepts I learned during the 1st day of the Top Earner Academy Live event. Enjoy!!

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Why You Should Not Join Empower Network

Here is was getting ready to write a blog post about the reasons why Empower Network is not for you. I figured though instead of my words why not have they come directly from the founder of Empower Network David Wood. David Wood really has a gift when it comes to communicating with others and […]

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