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Planks and Bridges Workout

Hi Workd Ones! I hope you were able to get in yesterdays workout. Today we are shortening the time by 4 minutes. Today’s workout is only 12 minutes long and consists of just 3 exercises. The exercises are Plank Pushups, Standing Elbow to Knee, and the Bridge. The three exercises are done in a circuit. […]

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Jump The Seal Workout

Hey Workd Ones! I hope you had a good restful weekend and have recovered enough to take on some more workouts that are going to have you feeling great and seeing results in no time. I remember telling you guys to rest, but it could be an active rest. Well, I did my best to rest […]

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Have A Ball Workout

Hey Workd Ones, Today makes 5 total days of working out. How are you feeling? I am sure you are feeling awesome. You may be a little bit sore, but that is normal. Remember if you can’t do the entire workout it is perfectly fine. All I suggest is you do the best you can […]

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The Jump It, Push It, Pull It Workout

Hey Workd Ones! I do hope you are enjoying the workouts. Today is day 4 of posting these. How are you doing so far? Remember if you cannot do everything yet that is fine. It will take some time, but believe me you will improve as long as you keep doing the workouts. Each workout […]

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Jump A Creek – Climb A Mountain

Hey Workd Ones, I hope you are ready for another heart pumping workout. In today’s workout all you need is a jump rope and an interval timer. If you don’t have a jump rope that is alright. You can either just jump in place, do high knees, or march in place with high knees. Remember […]

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