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Why You Should Not Join Empower Network

Here is was getting ready to write a blog post about the reasons why Empower Network is not for you. I figured though instead of my words why not have they come directly from the founder of Empower Network David Wood. David Wood really has a gift when it comes to communicating with others and […]

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The Raging Bear

This is story about a bear that was terrorizing an Alaskan town. This particular bear was causing all kinds of problems and had a lot of fight in it. Something had to be done about the bear. So the town decided the best place for the bear was going to be in the town zoo.

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Time To Step Out and Taste Freedom

What Does Freedom Mean To You? What does freedom mean to you? For me it means I get to do the things I want to do when I want to do them of course without hurting anyone or anything. What freedom is not for me is having to wake up to an alarm clock every […]

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Are You Going To Stay In That Cage Your Entire Life?

Empower Network I want to write about something that seems to plague 98% of the population. I have written about how 98% of the population will be dead or broke by age 65 and how only 2% of the population will ever become financially free. So what is it that is it that separates the […]

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Don’t Be Just A Number – Get Your Life Back!

Empower Network Isn’t There A Better Way? Yesterday I was at work and it was a very hot day. I had sweat dripping everywhere and all I could think about was how I could not wait to learn more about how I can earn money online with Empower Network. I am a Physical Education Teacher […]

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