[Synergy In Motion Hangout] Do You Have An Action Plan?

Setting Up An Action Plan

On today’s Synergy In Motion Hangout we walk you through how to set up and action plan so you can get on track to achieving whatever goal it is you want to achieve.

We all can benefit from having an action plan. An action plan is a great tool when setting up goals to achieve. Follow the steps listed below and in the video to design you own action plan.

Action Plan


Steps to Follow When Setting Up an Action Plan

1) What is your goal?

2) What are my intended results?

3) Make a Game Plan

4) What resources are you going to need?

5) What challenges are involved?

6) What is your Why?

7)  Action Steps – What steps do you need to take to reach your goal?  List a due date and a completion date.


Watch today’s Synergy In Motion Hangout and follow along as we show you how to set up an action plan.

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Action Plan

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