Could You Succeed In Direct Pay System?

What Could Direct Pay System Do For You?

It’s a question I had to ask when I was first introduced to Direct Pay System and I am sure it’s a question you might be asking yourself as well.  I know when I first got started online I did not have a clue what I was doing. I was shown every product under the sun and all kinds of different trainings. This just ended up with me going in circles, feeling overwhelmed and spending money I really did not have to be spending.

That is why when I was shown Direct Pay System I knew I could do it and so could anyone else too.

When you become a member of DPS you will get access to a simple system that sifts sorts and qualifies your leads for you. You also have the ability to have their professional call back response team call your potential partners, answer their questions and help them get started.

Below you will find more of what Direct Pay System offers and why you could get great results by plugging into this powerful system.

Done For You Marketing – Direct Pay System offers complete done of you marketing campaigns. All you need to do to start getting traffic is put in your order.

System Sifts, Sorts and Qualifies Leads – This system does the telling and the selling for you.  You get the traffic in the system and then let the system go to work for you.

Call Back Response Team – When one of your leads wants more information they can choose to request a call back.  When this happens a member of the Call Back Response Team will call your potential partner, answer any questions they may have and help them get started. This means if you don’t want to get on the phone you don’t have to.

Training Calls 3xs a week – Direct Pay System has live and interactive training calls where you can get your questions answered in real time by the owner of DPS himself Tim Berger. Its not uncommon for 6 figure earners to join these calls and share their wisdom.

Information Products that teach you how to market online using simple methods – This is where you learn how to market using up to date simple strategies that work in the marketplace.

Paid 80% Commissions on sale and 20% when your business partner makes a sale

Job Quitting Commissions Paid – 1st Level: $320, $640, $1280, $2560, $5120

Paid Directly – Direct Pay System is unique because unlike most programs where you rely on the company to manage the payments in DPS you get paid by whomever decides to partner with you. What this means is you could be paid the day of or within a week time depending on your payment method you choose.  You get to decide how you want to get paid.  This could be Paypal, a money order, cashiers check, Western Union, through a merchant account you set up or cash itself.

I speak from experience when I say you don’t want to have to depend on a company to pay you.  At any time something could happen in the company and they could end up holding your money for a very long period of time or just not pay you.  I only know this because it has happened to me before and I can tell you that when you think you have money coming at a certain time but it does not arrive its not a good feeling.  Something else that could happen is that sale you made and worked hard to get that person could just refund or chargeback and then you’re out the commission.

The way Direct Pay System is set up, this really can’t happen especially if you are using payment options such as money orders and cashiers checks.

Powerful Team complete with not 1 DMO but 2- While it is not mandatory for you to get results being part of a team that is producing results and provides training can really help when it comes to your success. When you decide to become a member of Direct Pay System with me you will get access to not only one team but two team training sites.

This is because the team I am part of one of the biggest teams in Direct Pay System and our team has access to all kinds of marketing resources and training.  This in itself is more than enough for you to get great results but I also have my own team training site as well. Within this site you will learn simple strategies I use to get results.  Among other things I also provide you with a step by step plan that you could follow daily that is proven to help you make sales.

Why Its Even Easier To Succeed In Direct Pay System Now

Direct Pay System how it sits now has helped make many people thousands of dollars because they were able to utilize a simple system that pretty much anyone could plug into. So it is already producing great results but now I feel its going to get even better because there are many changes coming that are going to help take Direct Pay System to the next level and make you more money with less time.

I wrote a whole blog post on the changes that you can read by CLICK HERE.

In this post I am only going to share one of the improvements. The addition that is going to help you make more money in less time is Direct Pay System is going to have a full inbound call center to call your leads and close your sales for you. This means you do not need to ever get on the phone and all you have to do to get this system making you sales is feed it traffic which you can purchase directly from Direct Pay System or you could learn some other techniques within our team training sites.

Could you succeed in Direct Pay System? If you were to ask me I would say yes, but its not for me to decide. Based on everything you have seen, heard and read how do you feel about it?

Direct Pay System has everything in place to help to you get results fast. All you need to do now is MAKE THE DECISION to GET STARTED!


To your abundance,

Direct Pay System
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