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As you can see in the video, Habitforge is a very useful website for anyone wanting to develop a good habit. I have just begun using Habitforge but so far I am very impressed by it. I really like getting daily emails that remind me to do my daily task that I have set up.

The last few days I have to admit that I really did not feel like doing my task. I did not have any ideas for one thing what to say and I was not in the mood. When I opened up the email sent to me from Habitforge early in the morning right away I knew I needed to get to doing my task.

I also like that in the emails there are sometimes motivational quotes. This is a nice addition to an already great service.

Habitforge Holds You Accountable

Another way that Habitforge helps you develop a new habit is it provides a way to hold you accountable. Sure there will be some of you where getting an email is enough to keep you going strong but there are others where the email is just not going to be enough. Habitforge has you covered though. You can select a friend, a person or a charity that you will donate some money to if you don’t do your task. You can set up the percentage of success you want and if you fall under that percentage then you pay.

I am sure by now you can see how Habitforge can really help you develop good habits so you will become a more powerful person. Habitforge also allows you to earn points when you help other people develop their habits. In order to do this you can send these people friendly reminders to do their task. When you do this you earn points. When they complete the task you earn points as well. When you get to 100 points you get a free premium membership.

With the premium membership you can set up reminders for more than one habit and you will not have advertisements on your page.

HabitForge Provides You With Teams

Another perk of Habitforge is you can be placed on a team with people that are doing similar tasks as you. This can be helpful because when you are connected with people doing similar things as you it can really help enforce that behavior.

Habitforge is one of those websites honestly that anyone and everyone would benefit from. I have never met anyone who does not have something they could improve on. None of us are perfect even if we might think otherwise. We all should be striving to be the best we can be and Habitforge can really help develop very good habits.

One thing I know many of us need to work on is our self talk. Listen to what you are telling yourself and become aware of its impact on your life. Is your self talk productive or is it tearing you down? Are you saying things like I am or are you saying things like I can’t? If all you can think about changing is your self talk Habitforge can help you do this and changing your self talk will greatly improve your life in a positive manner.

Another habit you can develop that will help improve how you feel and dramatically affect your life is saying what you are grateful for. Its a great habit to say what you are grateful for in the morning and at night. Everyone has something to be grateful for. It does not matter what circumstances you are facing, you have something to be grateful for. Make this a habit you want to develop.

I can think of thousands of things you could use Habitforge for. I honestly think this is a website EVERYONE should be using. I don’t make money for saying this so I am not saying it because of that. I say it because I know that we need help developing new good habits. There are far too many of us that are allowing our bad habits to control us. Its time to break the chains of your bad habits and develop good habits that are going to make you more confident, inspired, and powerful.

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