Sprint Business Challenge

Hello fellow Beachbody Coaches.  Thank you for checking out this page. The Sprint Business Challenge is for you to help get you thinking the way you need to be thinking to make your Beachbody Business a success. I went through something similar to this and I got a lot out of it. Now I want to share what I have learned with you. Over the next few weeks you will be asked to do certain tasks that will help build your belief.  This is done completely on the honor system and it is highly recommended that you do the tasks assigned. Nothing will be so difficult that you will not be able to do them.

Building your belief is very important because you need to have a reason why you joined Team Beachbody. You will be tested and rejection is just part of the business, but if you have a solid belief and you know exactly why you want to be a Beachbody Coach you can always fall back on your belief.  In the coming weeks I will be giving you links to certain audios and books for you to read. I know from my personal experience that by doing these tasks you start seeing things differently. You will get excited and have a clear understanding what it is you want. I am very grateful that you are interested in taking the time to go through this challenge and it is my desire that you come out of this as a changed person. I truly believe defining your belief is the key to your business success.


Coach Paul


Each week you will be given a video to watch with instructions on what tasks you are to complete.


Video #1 What Is Your Why?

Your Assignment for this Week is to think about what your “Why” is and write it down. Click Here to see what my “Why” is. You do not need to write it as a blog. I just did this for myself.

After writing your “WHY” you are going to say it out loud every day at least once.  As a bonus you can record it on your cell phone.

Listen to Business of the 21st Century http://www.mediafire.com/?yp45waaoos8qhlc

Listen to Building Your Network Marketing Business by Jim Rohn http://www.mediafire.com/?we89oaz5kqinzzc

That is all for this 1st week. Take your time and really try to absorb everything. When I first heard the two audios I listened to them many times over and over. I am only asking you to listen to them once.

Enjoy and I will be back with a new video next week.

Week #2 Write 5 Affirmations Statements

Assignment Week #2

This week your assignment is to think about 5 different affirmation statements. You need to write them down and place them somewhere you are going to see them. Make sure you say them out loud in the morning and then at night. You can do this more if you want to, but make sure you do it at least twice daily for the next week.

Rewrite your 5 Affirmation Statements on a piece of paper once each day.

Also you are going to read Chapters 1-4 of Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. Click on the link below to get it.


We are continuing to build your belief. This is so important to do before you can set off to do anything else in your business. Without knowing why you are involved in your business in the first place you will struggle immensely if things do not go the way you want them too. I am doing one video a week because I really want you to take the time to let all this sink into you subconscious. If you allow this to happen you will stand out from so many other people in this business because you have taken the time to really build your belief.

Extra Credit  If you want to do something extra I recommend listening to Milton Fogg’s The Greatest Networker. You can listen or read this book for free by clicking on this link http://thegreatestnetworker.org/free-stuff/tgnbook/

Just so you know you will have to opt in by leaving your email and name.

Enjoy and I will be back next week for video #3


Week #3  What is Your Perfect Day?

Assignment Week #3

This week your assignment is to think about and write down what your perfect day would be if money was not a factor. Try to be as detailed as possible so you can really visualize it.

Write down your perfect day

Read your perfect day at least once daily

Read your affirmation statements out loud once in the morning and once at night

Optional: Write your affirmation statements down once a day

No reading for this week. You can always go back to the resources I have already provided for you

See you back next week for video #4


Week #4 Create A Vision Board


Assignment Week #4

This week we are continuing building your belief. This week I want you to think about goals you have and things you want in your life. The next step is to find pictures either in magazines, on the internet or wherever. You are to take these pictures and place them on a poster board gluing or taping them in place. Make sure you know what these pictures represent and what they mean to you. This is a very powerful exercise because it really makes you focus on what you really want. It shows you what you value in your life. Make sure you place the board in a place where you can see it everyday. I have mine placed on a wall in front of my bed. Every time I wake up in the morning it is the first thing I see.

Also continue to say your why statement out loud at least once a day.

Say your 5 affirmations out loud twice a day. Also if you choose write them down once a day.

Read over your perfect day at least once a day.
If you have not done so go back and read and listen to the resources provided earlier in the Sprint Business Challenge.

Remember these 4 weeks are all about building your belief. You need to have your reason why you have decided to be become a Beachbody Coach. This is a great opportunity to help others become healthy and fit living fulfilling lives. This fact is actually one of the reasons I myself became a Beachbody Coach. My passion is to help as many people as I can become healthy and fit. Beachbody allows me to reach people I would never be able to and that is exciting to me. I don’t know what your WHY is. Everybody’s is different and their reasons are different. Whatever your reason is you need to have one to fall back on so if things don’t go right for you quitting is not an option.

To get the most out of this Sprint Business Challenge you should be doing one video and doing that weeks assignments for that weeks video only. If you skip ahead and do everything at once you will not benefit from it as much because you are not taking the time to really think about what everything means to you. It takes 21 days to change a habit. If you have been following the videos and assignments we are at 28 days. You should be feeling pretty inspired by now. I know I was.

See you next week for Week #5









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