Should You Be A Partner With The Crush It Formula If You Are A Successful Marketer?

FYI: In the video above I say that you get paid $498.50 for a sale. It has changed since I did this video to a 2 tier commission structure so now you earn $398.80 on the 1st tier and $99 on the 2nd tier.

The Crush It Formula – Can You Benefit From It If You are Already Successful Online?

The Crush It Formula was originally set up to help struggling marketers actually start making some money online and it does. As a new person or a struggling marketer if you become a partner with The Crush It Formula you will make money online.
As a experienced marketer though who is already making thousands of dollars online would this be a good fit for you?

That is what I want to address in this post. First of all I need to explain something. I would not label myself as someone that is super successful in internet marketing. I would say I have had more success than the majority of people but I am not quite there yet although I know as long as I continue to be consistent and persistent and I continue to learn and apply what I learn I will be there soon and so will you if you are struggling.
Should You Partner With The Crush It Formula If You Are A Successful Marketer

The Crush It Formula Affiliate Program Pays Big

So lets get down to why The Crush It Formula is a great fit for an experienced marketer. As you already know there is a done for you portion of The Crush It Formula Partnership program. That is you make an investment then sit back and relax and let other marketers go and do the work for you and you get paid. If you did not know that now you do.

I realize if you are already earning at least 10k a month you really have no need for a program that is going to pay you about 1k a month for just making an investment. Where I feel The Crush It Formula shines and where an experienced marketer will find it beneficial is the affiliate program. Currently when I am writing this post there is a $997 partnership product and a $27 partnership program. Both programs come with a library of training on how to make money online and a profit split as well.

If you are to make a sale at the $997 level you currently will get paid $398.80 on the first level and when someone you brought in signs up someone on the $997 level you will also make $99 and that continues for every person at $997 you bring in.

Now at the $27 you get paid 90% commissions and if you are at the $997 level you will make those as well.

There are currently two different ways you can go about doing the marketing with The Crush It Formula. One way is to just get leads and let the rest of the work be done for you. Your leads will be called, closed, they will be emailed and they will be invited to attend live webinars where nothing but value is given.

The other option is to create your own capture page and follow up with your leads yourself. I know a number of people really wanted this option so now it is available. Just know if you decide to go this route you will not have the support of the phone team, you will have to write your own emails and do all the following up yourself.

The Crush It Formula Is Getting Ready To Launch A New Product

As an experienced marketer this is where you are really going to benefit the most. This new product is going to be $4997 and it is going to be providing one on one coaching. You are going to be able to make $2500 commissions as well. This product has not launched as of yet but very soon. At the time of writing this the date is 2/20/14. I might be off on the commissions amount so please don’t hold me to that. Like I said it has not launched yet and things can change.

If you are making $2500 commissions a sale now you will be able to really start earning big. Also if you are successful online and you are getting good results with The Crush It Formula you may have an opportunity to become a coach and that comes with extra incentives as well. You would be working with other marketers one on one and teaching them how to be successful online.

As you can see The Crush It Formula really does offer quite a bit for pretty much every type of marketer. As someone new to the industry you can start earning right away. As an experienced marketer everything is in place to really knock it out of the park and be in a position to help others as well.

If you see how becoming a partner with The Crush It Formula can really benefit you Click Here to become a partner at the $997 level.

If you don’t have $997 or you are just not ready to invest that much money, but you see the vision and how The Crush It Formula will benefit you than go ahead and Click Here and get started for just $27.

To your abundance,

Paul Farmer


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