Beware of the Schemers and Scammers

Don’t Become One of the Schemers When Marketing Your Business


There are many different ways people go about marketing their business. Some are more desirable than others.  Unfortunately there are a lot of schemers and scammers out there and it is these people that give the home based industry a bad name.
I think it is really unfortunate that this takes place but I do want you to understand that not everyone is like that. Not everyone is out to get you and trick you.

I wanted to share with you a story of something I felt was very shady and just made me want to go the other way. Now I am not sure if this guy wanted to come across as a schemer. He may of not even realized that the way he was doing his marketing was making him look like one of the schemers.

So here is the story…

I actually get really go into this story in the video below so be sure to watch it. FYI: Just so you know when I shot this I was walking so its a little bit jumpy.

So what did you think? Is this a tactic that you would consider using? It was kind of shocking to me that this guy put up misleading information and then on top of that started insulting other people and myself just because we were asking how we were supposed to get to his event.

Schemers Don’t Experience Long Term Success

All I know is the top leaders in any company I have been a part of are not schemers. The top leaders and the ones that have a massive following have done so by being transparent with people and showing them what is possible. Leaders share their vision with others and inspire them to do great things.  Schemers and scammers might make some money practicing their schemes, but it is not something that is built on long term success because in the end people will end up resenting them.

Build Relationships, Not Mistrust

In closing, I just want to say this. It is people that like to practice trickery and deceit that give the home based industry and internet marketing industry a bad name. The truth is that this only represents a small number of people. Most people I have met and communicated with only have one desire and that is to make this world a better place by inspiring others to be their best version of themselves. The only thing is you have to walk in our shoes to really understand and see this. I know when I was on the outside looking in I had no clue how making the decision to get involved in this industry and forging a path to financial freedom would do to me. I did not realize how everything starts with our mindset and how much I would need to grow as an individual.

Everyone Should Join A Home Based Business

I personally would recommend every person to get involved in some kind of  home based business. The reason is because of how much you will grow as an individual. I can’t think of anywhere else where you work so hard on how you think and how it affects your life. Sure there is a lot of money to be made, but its the growth that you will go through that matters the most. Its something people can’t take away from you no matter what the circumstances.

Dani Johnson says, “Your personal growth follows your bank account.”

You have a high level of personal growth then you have a big bank account. If you have a low level of personal growth you will have a  small bank account.

My last words for the day. When you make a decision to join the home based  industry and take the first step towards your freedom realize it is a process. If you take this process seriously the person you were when you entered is going to be completely transformed into your best version of you. The reason is because you will learn that in order to be successful you are going to have to figure out what has been holding you back. You are going to have to face your fears head on and in doing so you will emerge a more powerful, more confident version of you.

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