Sandbag Swing’n Workout

Hey Workd Ones! Here is the workout for day 17. We have almost completed 4 weeks of workouts  for 5 days a week. That is a huge accomplishment because most people never even attempt to do that. Have you noticed any changes. I know personally for me I have noticed I don’t get fatigued very fast. Resting only 10 seconds has really helped me with my recovery time. After I did today’s workout I went and played beach volleyball for about 4 hours. Yes I was feeling it from the workout, but I felt like I could keep going. I am sure you are seeing and feeling results as well especially if you have done all the workouts. If you have not done them yet will today is a great day to start. Make a commitment to workout with me and I promise you that results will happen. I can’t make you do it though. That part is on you, but I believe that you have what it takes. So give it a try and get your friends and family to do it too. The more the merrier. Lets make this year the year you got in the best shape ever. Friday will be here before you know it then we will be doing an active rest week. This basically means we will not be doing the high intensity workouts. Instead you can go for walks, do yoga, pilates or anything that does not require lifting and high intensity. The reason for this is our body needs time to heal. We have been shocking it and now it needs time to recover. When we come back from the recovery week we will be stronger than we were before and be able to handle more workouts.

Today’s workout consist of 3 exercises. These are Sandbag Clean and Press, Sandbag Golf Swings, and Burpees. You need to set your interval timer for 24 rounds for 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. Do the routine as a circuit and continue until all 24 rounds have been completed. The total time is 12:00 minutes.

Today’s Workout

Time: 12:00 minutes
Equipment: interval timer and sandbag
Exercises: Sandbag Clean and Press, Sandbag Golf Swings, Burpees

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