Real Marketing Masters Update – New 2 Tier Commission Structure Explained

How To Get Paid $99 A Sale Without Any Extra Work In Real Marketing Masters

In the video above I share with you how the Real Marketing Masters 2 tier commission structure works and how it will really benefit you.
Let me start with how the commission structure was originally. When I first got started on 12/4/13 there was barely even an affiliate program for Real Marketing Masters. Instead it was just a business where your marketing and selling was outsourced to experts and for an investment of $997 you got just this. At the end of the month you would get paid from the sales that were made during the month. This did not require any work on your part except and investment of $997.

What ended up happening though was people starting coming in and asking to be able to promote this program because they could see what kind of value it provided and saw a real opportunity to share it with others. This was the start of the Real Marketing Masters affiliate program.

When I got started myself I was invited by one of the owners Tich to be an affiliate. I will be honest at first I did not want to. The main reason I joined was to have this done for you automated stream of income, it was not to promote.  My original plan was to take the money I earned with Real Marketing Masters and to use it to market another business I was building.

Well after thinking this over for a little bit I realized the opportunity Real Marketing Masters had. They have the solution to helping people get on their feet in internet marketing. They have solved one of the biggest challenges any new marketer faces and that is getting into money fast.

Sure you can join a program and go on to make a lot of money but the facts are most people will fail and most will quit before they ever reach any kind of momentum  and make any money. After realizing this and knowing this was a challenge I had faced I knew this was something that needed to be shared with every struggling marketer or new marketer. For me its just exciting knowing that each person I share this with and they make a decision to become a partner that they are on their way to a better financial future.

They are going to get paid!

That if they choose to they can take the money they earn and reinvest it back into marketing and make a whole lot more money.  Real Marketing Masters does not make you try to figure out how to advertise on your own either. They provide a whole entire library on how to market online. They show exactly what works and how to do it in short videos that can have you up and marketing making sales in no time.  On top of the library of videos currently there are also live training webinars. In these webinars you will learn what is working now and what you need to know how to market online as well so you can make sales fast.

Breaking Down The Real Marketing Masters 2 Tier Affiliate Program

When I got started as an affiliate in Real Marketing Masters we were paid $498.50 per sale made. This was a one time commission. You made a sale and you were done. This February though it was changed to a 2 tier commission structure. At first I was not sure about what this meant. I just saw that my sales were going to be smaller upfront. What I did not realize though is having a 2 tier commission structure was going to make me and any other partner who decided to become an affiliate and promote Real Marketing Masters whole lot more money without any extra work.


For example, yesterday I checked my earnings and to my surprise I had made an extra $497.00. This came without me doing any extra work. It was because some of the people I had brought in had gone out and made sales. Each time someone I brought in makes a sale I get $99.

I hope you are starting to see what is happening here. I am not doing any extra work but I am making more money. Now just imagine if you brought in someone that really knew what they were doing or they were a go getter and they were making 10 sales a month or 20 sales a month. Now you are talking an extra $1000 to $2000 dollars a month and that is just one person. When you start multiplying this with more people now you start seeing how you can make a lot more money and not even have to do any extra work.

How cool is that!

I don’t know about you but I think it is just awesome and it is a huge bonus to an already amazing program that is helping people finally make a decent amount of money online.

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To your abundance,

Paul Farmer


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