Real Marketing Masters Update July 9th, 2014

Real Marketing Masters On Its Way Back!

Real Marketing Masters is the only company that pays all of its members just for becoming a partner with them.

I myself have been in Real Marketing Masters since December of 2013 and I have experienced its ups and downs. I have done my best to continually share updates about Real Marketing Masters even when things have gone really wrong and this video above is no exception.

Real Marketing Masters was doing great and making money in Real Marketing Masters was pretty simple.

In March, I was able to have 20 partners join me alone. What ended up happening though was the merchant who did not understand the business and it decided to hold all the money. This occurred just before the members were to be paid their monthly profit share and it slowed down the business considerably.

Real Marketing Masters Marches On

The owners of Real Marketing Masters though Tich and Gloria are true fighters. They would not be denied and even though it probably would of been easier to just call it quits they kept going. Even though they had to deal with many angry partners that did not understand nor cared what was happening they still have marched on.

Now in July 2014 Real Marketing Masters is coming back better than ever. There is a new website, a support ticketing system, a crises team on staff to prevent any further issues, they will be doing new member webinars to help new members get started and much much more.

Going forward there is no way to predict the future. Real Marketing Masters has taken many steps to be a very profitable company and to really benefit its partners going forward. If you are looking for a business to get started in and want to get paid while you learn how to market then this program is for you.

Also it seems at this time Real Marketing Masters is not the only business that has had issues with merchants. Affiliate programs in general seem to be what merchants are now going after so expect to see many different programs having similar issues with the merchants. Thankfully Real Marketing Masters has already been checked over with a fine tooth comb and now has the green light to operate by the merchant. This is great news because it will allow them to make as much money as they want without having to worry about any restrictions which means bigger profits to all its partners.

If you feel Real Marketing Masters is a good fit for you go to


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Real marketing Masters
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