Real Marketing Masters Update 3-20-14-$1400 Day – Why You Should Burn Your Bridges

Yesterday 3/19/14 I had a 1400 dollar day.

This was a new high for me in Real Marketing Masters outside of a 2k sale I made without really any effort that is.

Before this it was a little over 1300 dollars.

For me it was not that long ago that I was have pretty much zero months. Real Marketing Masters has been nothing short of a blessing for me personally.

This morning I was scrolling through some of my old videos and I came across one that really stood out to me. It really meant a lot to me and the biggest reason is it represents a turning point for me. You see I was faced with a very difficult decision whether I should still wait around and see if I get hired back to be a full time teacher or my other option was to be a substitute teacher. At the time I did not have much confidence in anything happening in the teaching profession and subbing was something I just could not bring myself to do so I had to decide.

Remember at the time I had all kind of uncertainty of the future. I did not have an income coming in and I was living on my savings. I did not have any job on the horizon and my online business was not happening. I was making maybe if I was lucky $100 dollars a month. This was not even enough to pay my membership expenses.

So at the time it was a very scary time and I knew I had to do something drastic. After listening to a call I got on daily I made a decision to burn my bridges so to speak. Honestly at the time this made no sense whatsoever and went against everything I had been told from day one. Always have something to fall back on is what I was told but I knew if I was ever going to get where I wanted and needed to go, it was something I had to do. I had read so many stories of people who were in worse off places than me rising out of the ashes and becoming huge success stories and the biggest reason was because they wanted it so bad that it was like a air to a drowning man.

That is how bad you have to want it and if you don’t forget it. You will always be comfortable. You will always say will at least I have this or that to fall back on.

In my mind I did not see a choice so I went for it. I stepped out in to faith and I made the leap. I threw the application for subbing in the trash and I focused 100% on my business.

So what happened next is I started having doors opened for me like never before. My business was still not getting results but opportunities started happening. Opportunities I never imagined.

Long story short one of these opportunities was for Real Marketing Masters and it was not on my radar at all. In fact the first time I heard about it I was like forget it. I did sit down to see what it was about though and today I am so happy I did.

Not only have I made over 14k in Real Marketing Masters so far but I have made connections with people that really have things going on and know what they are doing. I am watching my income increase daily and its just very exciting.

Real Marketing Masters has really been a blessing to me. I can’t say that enough.¬† I share my story not because I love sharing my personal details of my struggle but because I know way too many people are in the same place I was or worse and they are being faced with the same decision I was faced with. All I can say is when you step out in faith BIG things happen. Its like your proving to God or whatever higher power you believe in that you are serious and this is what you want.

I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to. We are all in different stages and maybe you are not ready for that leap of faith. Maybe you are not ready to burn your bridges and just go forward. There will be a day though that you will be faced with this decision. It will come to you and weigh on your heart and you will either decide to walk in faith or you will decide to continue to play it safe.

I know what non belief does and I know what faith does and I know that Real Marketing Masters has put me back on my feet and not only has it helped me but it is helping countless others so why wouldn’t help you?

To learn more about the program that has been a blessing in my life and continues to be, please CLICK HERE NOW!

To your abundance,

Paul Farmer


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