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yes-you-can-healthy-changeToday is December 30th 2014 and we are about ready to say goodbye to 2014.

This is the time when many people say they want to make some positive changes in their lives and they start making resolutions.

Unfortunately many of these resolutions do not come to fruition and the majority of people just go back to what they were always doing because its easier.

I wrote a post about making positive changes in your life on my Facebook.  Be warned I really don’t hold back in it.  I would be not be truthful if I pretended like it was ok with me that so many people just flat out lack self discipline in their lives and they would rather continue to do what they have become accustomed to even if that means just getting by.

Its sad to say the least.

I hope you get value from this post and it helps you make some positive changes in your life starting NOW.

Notice I said NOW and not come January 1st.

Enjoy the post below.

I have been seeing it for months now.
Make 2015 your best year ever by doing
whatever it may be.

This is what really gets me a little bit angry

and it should do the same to you too.

Why do you have to wait until the New Year to
decide to change your life for the better?

Why not just make the decision right now to make
positive changes in your life?

Why not set an intention and do whatever it is
you decide to do no matter what stands in your way.

Its just plain sad to watch so many people have
New Years Resolutions and only 2 weeks into it
they are done.

You ask them why. “Oh this came up or that came up.”

They don’t care enough about changing their lives and
would rather just keep doing what they are doing that
has got them where they don’t want to be because its
easier to stay in that state.

The pain is not greater than the pleasure.

In some strange way just getting by is enough.

This is not a post about joining a business.
Its a post about changing your life.

Tony Robbins says and I paraphrasing that
you can change your life in an instant by
making a decision to do so.

Unfortunately so many people lack self discipline.
They want their perfect life just handed to them and
are all in as long as they don’t have to make a

People that succeed in life do so because they
decide that they are going to be successful and
they pay the price.

They do what it is that needs to be done no matter what

They set an intention and never look back.

There is no plan B.

Burn the ships in the harbour and go forward because
that is the only way to go.

Jim Rohn says and again I am paraphrasing don’t wish
for it to be easier, wish for you to be better.

I say this…

Don’t make a New Years Resolution unless you are
setting an intention.

You are 100% committed to changing your life and
nothing no matter what comes your way is going to
stop you.

Otherwise its just a complete waste of time.

What could happen if you decided to once
and for all go for what it is you want and you
were committed to making it happen?

~End Post

I know you have what it takes to do amazing things with your life.  Perhaps you do not believe that yourself but I believe you can do whatever you decide you want to do.

It all starts in an instant when decide your want to make that positive change.

All that is needed is continual effort toward whatever goal it is you want to accomplish.

It means doing the tasks that you know you need to be doing to reach your goal and doing them consistently until they no longer require much thought.

You have what it takes!

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To your abundance,

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