One Horrible Mistake That Limits Your Success and How To Avoid It

FocusThe number one mistake that people make in business and in life is they have a lack of focus. What happens is people focus on what they are losing. Such as in a business when a business owner decides not to invest in advertising because the owner thinks it is to expensive. Without advertising your business will die. Paying for advertising is not losing money but it is an essential part of running a business.

So many of us lose focus all the time and I know I am not immune to it either. In today’s day and age being able to focus on one thing can be very challenging. We have information hurdled at us constantly. People are literally glued to their cell phones and can’t even put them down. Screens are just a part of our lives as we scroll from one story to another or one video to another. Many of us don’t even wait for a 2 minute video to finish before we move on to the next continuing to feed our minds with useless information.

I have not even barely scratched the surface on this. When I was growing up I believe TV had like 6 channels. In my house we never had cable because basically my parents said they did not want to pay for garbage. Now you turn on the TV and there are hundreds of channels to scroll through. It takes a half hour to get through them and all to decide what you want to watch. There are so many different ways that our focus is being spread thin and it would take pages after pages to write about all them.

There are many places we can point our finger at and blame but what when it comes down to it the choice is up to you. I have shared this concept with my friends for a what seems forever. I believe if you put your focus on one thing you will be successful. If you set a goal and only focus on that goal you will reach it. What happens though to so many people is they lose focus. Their mind starts wandering and they start thinking how they would rather do this new job than the one they are doing. In network marketing people jump from one company to the next thinking that the new one is going to provide something the other one does not. This new business is going to provide them financial freedom even though the business they were in is more than capable of doing that.

The problem with this is every time they jump they have no roots. They are starting all over from scratch and it is going to take time to build up that business. It is going to take time for you to learn the ropes all over again. I am not just talking about home business. I am talking about your college major, I am talking about your job, and your relationships.

So many people instead of remaining in one thing and finishing what they started never finish and move on to something different. If this bad habit is not changed then nothing will ever be accomplished. Instead you will be going from job to job, business to business, relationship to relationship, and major to major. Instead of  becoming successful you will stay stuck starting over and never getting ahead. This vicious cycle will continue until you make a decision to focus on one thing.

It is impossible to gain if you are afraid of losing.  You can’t move forward if you are afraid of moving backwards.  So put your focus on moving forward.

The more we think about what we are going to lose the more it paralyzes us and keeps us from success. This is a lesson that I have been learning myself and still struggle with. When I was young I was taught to save my money. Saving was taught to be good and many days I heard we can’t afford it. Maybe you relate to hearing this and I have to tell you this is very defeating. All this is saying is you are weak and you don’t have anything.  If you start saying this over and over and hearing it you start to believe it.

One thing I have learned that separates the way the rich think about money from the poor is the poor are afraid of losing the little money they have and look at what they could lose while the rich see the opportunity and don’t look at it as a loss. They understand that investing their money in places where money can be made is going to make them more money and the initial cost is well worth the investment because they have the potential to earn so much more than what they invested into it.

I have been guilty of being fearful of what can happen to my money and I still struggle with it from time to time. This is a process that is going to take time but I have taken great strides to change this harmful way of thinking.

I run into people all the time that tell me they can’t afford something. It could be 1 penny and they would try to convince me that they can’t afford it. It could even be free and they will tell me they can’t afford it. This kind of thinking will keep you poor for the rest of your life. Nothing will ever change if you think this way. The money you fear losing you will lose anyway. The job you fear losing you will lose anyway. You have to stop focusing on what you are going to lose and start focusing on what you are going to gain.

The law of focus says whatever you focus on is what you get good at. Whatever you focus on you will get more of.

Whatever you focus on you will get good at. What are you focusing on right now? Are you focusing on the lack of money you have or that you don’t want to lose the bit you have? Are you focusing on those four words I Can’t Afford It?

If you are I challenge you today to start change that to I can afford it and start looking at the opportunity instead of the cost. I am not going to be a casualty to fearing what I am going to lose. I know it is not easy and trust me on this when I say I struggle with this. I have made a lot of mistakes doing what I thought made sense which was hording my money and be fearful of losing it.

Please understand when I talk about spending money to make more I am not talking about buying things. I am not talking about buying the latest cell phone or newest computer. I am not talking about charging up your credit card on a bunch of stuff that will never bring you more money. Instead I am talking about investing in yourself, investing in things are can make you money and make your money grow. This is what the wealthy do. Poor people continue to buy stuff, useless stuff that gets put on the shelf and forgot about. Stuff that is for show and will only put you more in debt and place you further in bondage.

My challenge to you today is to sit down and analyze what you are doing right now. Have you been jumping from one thing to another hoping and praying each time this new one is going to be the right one. Well if you are doing that it is time to stop doing this. Instead think about what you really want. What do you desire most? If it is financial freedom?  What do you need to focus on to get that? If you are working on a college degree but you keep jumping from major to major decide to focus on one and finish it. If you are in a home based business put your focus in that business. Decide and commit to it for at least 5 years. Stop looking at other opportunities because those will lure you away from your goal. They may promise you money faster or an easier way to make money but lets face it, you are going to have to start all over again and be back at the bottom.

So the number one mistake people make that keep them from being successful is lack of focus.

In closing, FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS. Turn off the news feed on Facebook, turn off You Tube, stop watching reality TV shows and FOCUS on what you want to achieve.

When you think about FOCUS and what it stands for think about it like this FOLLOW ONE COURSE UNTIL SUCCESSFUL.

This means stick to the one goal you want to accomplish. Have laser like focus and not flashlight focus. In a laser all the light is focused on one point, on a flashlight all the light is dispersed in different directions.

Finally I want you to stop and think long and hard about this. If you have been working at a job and you still can’t afford $25, $200 or whatever the cost is to get started in a business opportunity that by applying focus, hard work and patience could bring you financial success and turn your life around that is seriously a problem and you just need to find away to get started.

A lot of the time is it not that you can’t afford it but you choose not to afford it. You would rather have your Starbucks coffee in the morning than to invest in a business that could allow to be free from the bondage that is debt and living pay check to pay check. You are afraid about what your friends will think. The truth is that the very people you are afraid of ridiculing you are stuck as well and only want to keep you how they are. Ever heard the saying Misery Loves Company!

Is this really what you want? You would rather impress your friends and stay broke or go and do something great and never have to worry about living pay check to pay check again.

I could go on and on about this but I am not going to. Bottom line is if you are living pay check to pay check and you claim that you can’t afford to get started in a business opportunity then you need to just get started. You need to stop saying you can’t afford it and just get started. We all know it is a lie and the longer you continue saying that crap and believing that lie the longer you will remain exactly right where you are now.


If you are ready to make a change and become financially free then look to the right of this page. You will see a banner that across the top says FREE VIDEO. Click on that video and watch it then go pay the $25 and get started. I would suggest buying all the products at least up to the 15K Formula level.

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Make a commitment to stick to this for 5 years minimum. Even if nothing happens the first year stay focused and committed. Think about it like this. Lets say it takes you 5 years and in 5 years you become financially free. In 5 years you will be able to retire from your job and do the things you want to do.

Or you can be like 98% of people and say it is not for them and allow their fear of losing or what other people are going to think about them hold them back. They will continue doing what they are doing still not making the money they deserve and when 5 years are up they are no further ahead. In 5 years they will not have developed new skills and will still be stuck in a job with a salary that has a ceiling.

To me the choice is simple and that is get in one of the businesses I referred you to and get started. Commit to at least 5 years and see what happens. You have everything to gain and very little to lose and most of all remember to FOCUS.


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