Be Married To The Process and Divorced To the Outcome

Be Married To The Process And Divorced To The Outcome

This is something a mentor of mine said and it stuck with me. I understood what it meant right away and its the truth.

So many of us are so focused on our results we lose track of what we should be doing. That is be married to the process and divorced to the outcome.

So for example, you are talking to people on Facebook about your opportunity and instead of getting the results you truly want you are getting nothing but no’s.

For many this is enough to get them to walk away and say that what they are doing does not work.

The truth though is it takes time and in time you will find someone that is going to say yes to you, but that will not happen if all your doing is focusing on the outcome and you quit before.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is whenever you don’t feel like doing something it just means you should be doing it.

You are not going to get results basing everything on how you feel. How you feel will only keep you stuck.

Sure there are days you don’t feel like doing something but you just have to fight that feeling and do what you know needs to be done.

This is something I have been battling with myself. I have not felt like doing much of anything as of late for my business. I honestly just want to kick back and relax but I know that is not an option right now.

Down the road when all my systems are set up then things change a bit, but if I stop what I am doing because I don’t feel like doing them then that is a sure sign that I will fail.

This goes for you as well. If you are going by feelings. If you are not married to the process and divorced to the outcome you to will suffer. You will not get the results you want because you will not remain consistent in what it is you need to be doing to get results.

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To your abundance,

Paul Farmer
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