Lessons Learned From Dani Johnson’s Spiritual Equipping Broadcast In Anaheim

Dani Johnson's Spiritual Equipping Broadcast

Dani Johnson’s Spiritual Equipping Broadcast

If you watched my video yesterday you know that I was going to go and see Dani Johnson’s Spiritual Equipping Broadcast in Anaheim. If you have not watched that video go ahead and click here to do so.

I have been following Dani Johnson for almost a year now. I went to her First Steps To Success and when it was in Los Angeles and I have a number of her products and have listened to many of her shows online.

As you can see I am pretty well versed when it comes to her. Well I have heard Dani Johnson’s Spiritual Equipping Broadcast online and it is my favorite broadcast. It is kind of strange that I get the most value out of  her Spiritual Equipping Broadcast and I get the most value from it.

Having heard this online I thought I had some idea what I was going to witness. That is what I thought anyway…

Seeing her live and hearing her surrounded by 1000 other people is very different than just listening to her online. All I know is what I experienced I can honestly say I have never experienced before. There was one point where there was just dead silence in the room. There was over 1000 people there but it was so peaceful. Its not something I can describe very well in this blog but it was amazing to say the least.

There were many lessons I learned from Dani Johnson last night and I share them with you in the video below. Enjoy…

What I shared with you is only a small fraction of what Dani Johnson shared. If you want to hear this message in its entirety than you can listen to it here.


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