How To Be A Leader

You Have to Learn How To Be A Leader First

How To Be A Leader

If you want people to start to follow you and be inspired by you then you need to learn how to be a leader first. This is not the easy path by any means. In fact this is the path less taken because to be a leader it takes courage. When you learn how to be a leader you understand leaders are nothing without followers. You must have followers to be a leader otherwise you are not really by definition a leader.

Qualities Of A Leader


Leadership is not so much about technique and methods as it about opening the heart. Leadership is about inspiration of ones self and others. Great leadership is about human experiences not processes, leadership is not a formula or a program it is a human activity that comes from the heart and considers the heart of others. Its an attitude and not a routine.” Unknown

1)     Does more than anyone else

A  leader does more than anyone else in their group all the time.  Leadership is action not position. You can’t stand at the top and tell everyone what to do. Instead you need to be setting the example and out working your group. Talk is Cheap! Lead with action.

2)      Pursues change and demands it

A leader can’t stay in the same place anymore.  You must change to be a leader to successful. A leader reads every single day and works on personal development daily. (Listen to Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy etc…) Do more than anyone else is doing all the time.

3)      Can communicate vision in the lives of others and call them to action

When someone spends time with you is their life changed. Have you given them a vision? Leadership is a special quality which enables people to stand up and pull the rest of us over the horizon. As a leader you are who people look up to. You are their belief.

4)      A leader is competent and knows their business

A leader should know their business inside and out.

5)      A leader owns it

A leader knows that their success depends on them. They do not blame others if things are not going the way they want them to. They take responsibility and don’t make excuses.

6)      Owns their attitude

A leader does not feel sorry for themselves. Instead they decide to change things. A leader does not look at the past but moves forward.

7)      Owns their presence and posture

It does not matter what is going on in a leaders life they are not going to share with everyone how horrible everything seems to be. Instead they are going to do what it takes to get others moving forward. Focus is on the group not you.

8)      Must have confidence in their sweet spot. What is your passion?

A leader has passion for what they do. In baseball when you hit a ball with a bat there is a sweet spot on the bat where the ball will travel further. What is it in your life that you want to do more than anything else? What drives you? What makes you feel good about yourself?

9)      Has absolute confidence in their social style

A leader knows what their strengths and weaknesses are. (Read Personality Plus by Florence Littauer)

10)   Gets it, the whole story

The cause is bigger than just what products are sold. In Beachbody it is about getting others healthy and fit and ending the trend of obesity. It is about changing the lives of others for the better both physically and financially. You can make the world a better place by giving yourself away because it is not about you.

11)   Accountable to another

A leader holds others in the group accountable. They help keep others motivated an on track to reaching their goals. Leaders speak truth into peoples lives.

12)   Characteristics of a leader

Focus– Leaders have laser like focus. They know what needs to get done to reach their goals and they focus only on that task.

Humility – People don’t want to follow people that are arrogant. Leaders are humble and do not act like they know everything. They are open to learning from others.

Integrity – Am I making decisions based on people not me. You are the same person when the doors are closed as they are open. No matter who is watching what you do does not change.

Need to Make Long Term Decisions – Make decisions for the future. Leaders are always looking ahead.

Passion– Are you a man or women on fire. Do you have passion for what you are doing. Is what you are doing something you love to do. You would do it even if you were not getting paid. There is no substitute for passion. To be a leader you must be passionate in what you are doing.

I just heard this quote about how to be a leader and I wanted to share it with you.

” You have to be a champion before you win a championship because a championship just gives you a title.”

To me just means you need to learn how to be a leader before you can have followers. You need to do what it takes to show that you are a leader and then only when other see you being a great example will they begin to follow you.

I did a quick video all about how to be a leader and a bit more. Watch the video below…

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How To Be A Leader

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How To Be A Leader How To Be A Leader How To Be A Leader
How To Be A Leader How To Be A Leader How To Be A Leader
How To Be A Leader How To Be A Leader
How To Be A Leader
How To Be A Leader How To Be A Leader
How To Be A Leader
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