Jump A Creek – Climb A Mountain

Hey Workd Ones,
I hope you are ready for another heart pumping workout. In today’s workout all you need is a jump rope and an interval timer. If you don’t have a jump rope that is alright. You can either just jump in place, do high knees, or march in place with high knees. Remember just because you do not have equipment does not mean you cannot do an exercise. There are always easy ways to modify something so you can do it with or without equipment.

This is day 3 of me posting workouts on here. I do hope that you have decided to join me, after all it is a new year and what is a better time to start getting in great shape. My goal is to continue to bring you exercises that are simple, but at the same time very effective. Also all these workouts are going to be short. If you have 12 minutes you can get an awesome total body calorie burning workout. I know the workouts are intense and they are meant to be intense. If you are unable to do the entire workout just do your best. Maybe all you can do is half of it. That is perfectly fine because as long as you keep doing it, I promise you it will get easier for you. Please do not get intimidated or feel like you can’t do it. Everybody has to start somewhere. You just need to get started and believe me you will be amazed at how quickly you start showing improvement. Now are you ready to Get Workd!

Today’s workout consist of 3 different exercises. They are done in circuit style. This means you do the first exercise, then you do the second exercise, and finally the third exercise. Continue doing the exercises in this order for the maximum reps that you can do for the entire time. Your workout time for today is 20 seconds and 10 seconds of rest. So you need to set your interval timer for 20 seconds exercise, 10 seconds rest for a total of 24 rounds. That is equal to 3 tabatas or 12 minutes.

Equipment Needed For this Workout
Jump rope
Interval Timer

Jump Rope (Single Jumps as fast as you can)
Mountain Climbers

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