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Hey Workd Ones! We are back and ready for more workouts you can do at home all for FREE! I hope you have had a enjoyable active rest week. Things are going to be changing just a little bit. Before this week all we were really doing were intervals. This is a great thing to do, but it is important to also do other types of exercise as well. This way our bodies don’t get so used to one style. We want to get results so continuously changing up the routines and how we do the routines is going to bring those results. Today’s workout is going to be all body weight. You do not need any equipment for this workout so there should not be any excuses at all. Also this workout can be done in under 10 minutes so time should not be a factor.

If you have not started doing any of the workouts yet today is a great day to start because today we are starting our second month. You can always go back and choose one of the 20 different workouts that are available if you do not want to do this one. Just remember to do the best you can on all the routines. I believe in you and know you can do it. One of the things I constantly hear people telling me is they are not ready to workout. I have to say I can’t stand this excuse. Why? Mainly because it does not make any sense. I want to know how you are supposed to go about getting ready to workout. I mean you are not running a marathon. If you were you would have to train and I understand that. The workouts can be done by anyone. I do my best to bring you simple moves so it is not overwhelming to you. I do understand that the intervals can be intense. If you can’t do them at that pace then do them slower. It is perfectly fine to go slower. Once you get in better shape you can go faster. Please do yourself a huge favor and stop making excuses today. Instead start thinking about reasons why you can do this and not why you can’t. If you constantly focus on the why you can’t do something then it will never get done. If you have been following me at all you know that I don’t sugar coat things. I am not going to tell you that you are doing a good job when you are not. My whole thing is just start doing.

I want to stress that we are getting fit together. Some of the stuff is not perfect, but the whole point is to just do it. Workout together with us and get results. We all struggle and I know I struggle myself. It helps when you are not alone. You are not alone here. We support you and want you to reach your goals. So come and get a great workout with Workd Fitness.
If you like what I am doing here it would help me out tremendously to share this with others. Tell you family, our friends, people you work with about this. I truly do appreciate you being a part of this. Thank you.

Today’s Workout

Time: How fast can you do it. Do 3 rounds and record how fast you did it. Can you beat Mariana’s time?
Exercises:  10 Shoulder Slaps with “T” Plank, 20 Forward Alternating Lunges, 24 Bicycles, 40 Squat Pulses. Do this routine in order and then repeat 2 more times. A total of 3 rounds or 282 reps.
Equipment: Interval timer with stop watch function


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