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Hey Workd Ones! We are going into day 16 now, week 4 of the workouts. I hope everybody was able to rest over the weekend and you are ready for some more workouts that are going to get you burning calories, gaining strength and just getting in great shape. I am sure you guys have been feeling the effects of the workouts. You are probably a little sore or maybe a lot sore. This is all part of getting stronger. You are sore because your muscles have tiny little tears in them from the workouts. In order to get stronger those tears need to heal. This is the reason we take 2 days off. We need time to let our muscles heal. Some of you may need more time to heal than that. If something is sore it is best not to work it. If you do you are not really doing any good. Instead work a part of the body that is not sore. If your upper body is sore then work on your lower body. The workouts we are doing pretty much change daily and focus on muscles that were not worked the day before so this should not be too big of an issue.

Can you believe it has been almost a month now? If today is your first day that is perfectly fine. You can start whenever you like, there is no set time when to begin. I know I have been talking about the Ultimate Sandbag a little bit. I am going to be using this piece of equipment in the workouts now. I want you to understand that you do not need to buy The Ultimate Sandbag to complete the workouts posted here. You can still use a homemade version like the one I have used in the videos up until now. I will say this though. Having the handles really does make a difference. I really do enjoy using this sandbag. You can do just about any exercise you want with it and the rotational exercises you can do with it is like nothing else. This is truly a full body workout and you are going to burn a ton of calories, get a lean fit body by using this product. I want to apologize if you feel that I am talking about this to much. The truth is the product sells itself. Once you try it you will understand. Again remember you can still use a homemade bag and get an effective workout. Please don’t think if you don’t get an Ultimate Sandbag that you can’t complete these workouts. You still can and you should and I am not about just making workouts that you can only do if you have a certain piece of equipment. I just want to help get as many people in the best shape of their lives as I possibly can by providing workouts that are effective and don’t take a long time to complete.

Today’s workout is done by Mariana. She has been in a couple of the other videos. This was the first time she got to use The Ultimate Sandbag. As you will see in the video using it really convinced her that she wanted one. Ok, enough talk and it is time to workout. You can do this all you have to do is give it your all. Summer is going to be here before you know it so don’t delay. Get started right now to being in the best shape of your life. Make sure to share this with your friends and family. By doing this you help me out and all the others that are now being reached and given the opportunity to get a great workout.

Today’s Workout

Today’s workout consist of 3 exercises Rotational Chop with Sandbag, Bent Over Row with Sandbag, and Good Mornings with Sandbag. The time to complete this workout is 12 minutes. You need to set your interval timer to 24 rounds/20 seconds work/10 seconds rest. You will do the workout in a circuit and continue doing the circuit until all 24 rounds are up.

Today’s Workout 

Time 12:00 Minutes
Equipment: Interval Timer, Sandbag
Exercises: Rotational Chop with Sandbag, Bent Over Row with Sandbag, Good Mornings with Sandbag


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