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Insanity_The_AsylumLook And Feel Like A Pro Athlete In 30 Days


INSANITY: THE ASYLUM® is the first in home
sports-specific training program
based on drills used by pro athletes.
During this intense 30-day program,
you’ll practice moving like a football
running back, serve aces like a tennis pro,
score points like an all-star guard, and
more. Your instructor, Shaun T, creator of
successful programs like INSANITY® and
Hip Hop Abs®, will help you spike your
speed, coordination, agility, strength,
and power to an elite athlete level.

Why is it effective?

Get jaw-dropping results in less time! The secret is Shaun T’s breakthrough
pro athlete training model, the Athletic Matrix, which uses dynamic
multi-directional movements to activate multiple muscle groups at the
same time. These innovative sports-performance moves work your
muscles at angles and velocities you can’t simulate with static exercises.
That’s why training inside the Athletic Matrix can get you the same
results in 30 days that it can take years to achieve in the gym!

What makes INSANITY: THE ASYLUM unique?

Elite athletes use proven sports training drills to sharpen their game-day
skills and get into astonishing shape. Now with INSANITY: THE ASYLUM
you can too. With its included Agility Ladder and Speed Rope, you’ll train
with more focus, concentration, and skill—just like an elite pro athlete.
After 30 days, you can be faster, stronger, and more agile than you ever
imagined—enabling you to perform any sport or activity with eyepopping
speed and skill.

Shaun T is your fitness expert.

Former collegiate track-and-field star Shaun T collaborated
with Beachbody® to create INSANITY®, one of the most
intense workouts ever put on DVD. Now he’s helped create
INSANITY: THE ASYLUM, the first in-home sports-specific
training program based on drills used by pro athletes.
Commit to working out with Shaun T and you can achieve
elite athlete status just like him—in just 30 days.

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