How To Set Goals


  Today we are talking about goals. If you do not have any identifiable goals, then it is like being adrift on a piece of drift wood in the middle of the ocean. You are just drifting around without a direction. Sometimes this might work out in your favor, but mostly the odds are against you. When you identify goals you are no longer drifting. Instead you are on a path to something that matters to you. When people set identifiable goals and attain them, they are able to gain control over their lives because they feel they are able to direct their future.  Goal setting can be a little bit confusing at times. You want to set goals that are achievable in nature. Some themes to think about when setting goals are:
1. Write goals down; pick a realistic date to complete your goal. This helps solidify the process.
2. The goals should identify specific targets and strategies. What is it you want and how are you going to attain it?
3. Choose goals that have meaning. You are more likely to finish a goal if it has personal meaning to you.
4. Write a Behavioral Contract for yourself and sign it.
5. Commit to your commitments. This is also known as self discipline. For example, if your goal is to lose 20lbs in 90 days the acts you do to get there are your commitments. Eating a low fat diet, with lean meats, fruits, and vegetables is one example of honoring your commitment. Also following your exercise routine faithfully is another way to honor that commitment. If you commit to your commitments you will reach your goals. It is as simple as that really. There is not a magic pill that will make this happen. It will happen only if you set realistic goals, and commit to the process of reaching those goals. That being said, you are more than capable of achieving whatever goal it is you want to achieve, so stop wondering if you can, and make it happen.
Example of Behavioral Contract

My goal is (be specific realistic, and challenging):

My target time frame for this goal is:

My goal is (be specific, realistic, and challenging):

When I accomplish (smaller goal):_______________________I will reward myself with:_________________
Activities that support my goal is/are:

This is a challenging goal. Skills that will help me reach this goal (list your inner skills) are:

A few barriers and success-strategies to reaching my goal are:

This contract will be evaluated every:_________________________________________

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