4 Simple Steps How To Make Money Online On Autopilot

(How To Make Money Online) Do You Hate Selling?

Well I am right there with you if you hate selling too!

Who really does want to go about pushing something on their friends and family or perfect strangers for that matter?

Frankly, it’s just not for everyone.

Up until recently it was essential that you could sell if you ever wanted to have any success in a home based business.

When you follow the 4 easy steps I share with you in this post you can…

Forget About Selling!
Forget About Bugging Your Friends and Family!
Forget About Doing Home Parties!
Forget About Making Cold Calls!

and forget the notion that this has to be hard and take years and years for you to make anything.

What I intend to share with you in this post is how simple it is to earn a full time living online.
I’m going to show that you can replace your income by following 4 simple steps.

Now you might be thinking to yourself that it can’t be that easy or maybe you are thinking you are not very
technical and this online thing is way above your head.

But I know you are excited to learn just how to make a fortune online and that is exactly what I intend to teach
you in this post.

Lets Begin (How To Make Money Online)…

Now I am not one that likes to just write a bunch of filler just to make sure there are more
pages for you to waste your time reading.

No, instead I want to give you the meat. I want to get straight to the point and give you a
blueprint for success.

This is all I ask you to do. Make sure you read through this entire report and then take action.

Ok enough chit chat, let’s get down to what it takes to be successful online so you can get to doing what it is you really want to be doing with your time.

Step 1: Generate Traffic

What is traffic you ask?
Traffic is basically eyes on your product or business. Whatever you have to offer, you want people to see. The more eyes you get on your product or offer the higher your chances you will start making sales.

There are many ways to get traffic. There are free methods and there are paid methods.

Some free methods are blogging, article writing, videos, Facebook chatting, and pretty much any other social media platform.

Then of course there is paid traffic. Paid traffic can come in many forms. Some examples are banners, solo ads, coops, classified ads, PPC (Pay Per Click) PPV ( Pay Per View), magazine ads, and pretty much any other kind of ad you can think of.

Remember the point of traffic is to get more eyes on your product or opportunity.

Traffic is of utmost importance because without it your business will not be able to survive.
I know what you are probably thinking right now and if I am correct it’s how do I get traffic?
I don’t have a clue what I am doing.

Well stay tuned because at the end of this post I am going to share with you a super simple way to get your
business growing at lightning speed without hardly any work on your end.

Step 2: Lead Capture Page

You need a way to capture your traffic or a Lead Capture Page. This is very simple really. Basically a lead capture page is just a page that allows you to take the traffic you are getting to your site and capture their information.
This is usually an email, name and maybe a phone number. Some capture pages also ask for an address but the most common ones only ask for your email.

In order to capture your traffics information there needs to be something of value so the person viewing the page will want to give you their email. This can be a video, a free report or an E-book or types of free gifts.

A capture page is essential because if all you have is traffic and you are not collecting information then you will only be left with traffic and you will never generate leads or make sales.

Step 3: Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is where the selling is done for your product. If it is set up properly it will do a presentation 24-7 so you don’t have to lift a finger or do any presentation. Think of it like an automated presenter that is working for you all the time whether you are sleeping or off on vacation. A good sales funnel will just keep making sales for you over and over and over again.

Step 4: Autoresponder

So now that you are getting traffic, capturing leads, and getting them to see your presentation all while you are off watching a movie you have almost all the pieces in place to have an automated money making machine that works 24-7.

An auto-responder is where your leads end up after they go through your sales funnel. They finish watching your video and they either decide this is for them and they are ready to get started or they are not ready yet and they end up in your autoresponder.

This is where that email you collected back on your capture page goes and is stored. An autoresponder allows you to develop a relationship with your new prospect by allowing you to send emails to them as much as you like.

So there you have it! These are the nuts and bolts on how to make money online on autopilot.

Lets Review!

Step 1: You Need Traffic
Step 2: You Need A Lead Capture Page With A Free Offer
Step 3: You Need A Sales Funnel
Step 4: You Need An Auto-responder

When I first started online I didn’t have a clue and everything was new to me. I mean I really had NO clue what anything was to be honest with you. I also did not have anyone break it down to me in simple steps. I had to figure this all out pretty much from trial and error.

You on the other hand do not need to do any of that. You don’t need to spend thousands dollars or spend countless hours trying to figure it all out like I had to do.

Instead you can follow the 4 simple steps I took the time to outline for you.


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To your abundance,

How To Make Money Online
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