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Home Buisness LabsWhat is Home business Labs?

Home Business Labs provides yet another layer of support to help you build your business.  It falls under the umbrella of resources, training, and software the you get when you become a member of Team Wukar.  Home Business Labs is not available to all members of Team Wukar at this point 12/22/14.  It is part of a team within a team in Team Wukar and you are really going to want to have what it provides if you plan to build a business online.

So Team Wukar on its own is amazing. If you are not in it you don’t know what you are missing.  That might sound a little forward and I totally understand that.  I can honestly tell you though I have never had the resources, the support that Team Wukar provides. What amazes me even more is we have not even launched the big stuff yet and our team is over 8 thousand strong and growing daily.

If you want to read about Team Wukar you can CLICK HERE.  The rest of this post is going to focus on Home Business Labs and what it could do for you.

Home Business Labs provides top training from top marketers such as Tony Rush, John Lavenia,  Kristian Hoenicke
and many more.  This training is designed to help you take your business to the next level fast.  You can sign up for a free Home Business Labs account just as soon as you become a member of our team.  There are currently 2 levels to choose from.  You can sign up for free with the basic membership which provides you information about how to get your business set up and other important training. There is also a pro level training as well. This is $30 dollars a month and the best and most current training is going to be provided here by 7 figure earners.

Home Business Labs Provides You With The Best Software To Help You Build Your Business

This is why so many people are so excited about Home Business Labs.  This powerful software could really help you take your business to the next level without much effort on your part. Within Home Business Labs you will have access to MDC DOT.  Say what!

MDC DOT basically makes it super simple to build a business online without really having to ever chase anyone and its super duplicatable.

Before I go on I need to let you know that there is no possible way I could cover everything that Home Business Labs has to offer you.  What still amazes me is how much is being provided and that its in addition to what is already provided by Team Wukar.

Lets get to the basics of marketing.  Here is a “Free Report” I wrote to explain this. You can download it and read it at you leisure by clicking here.

So lets break this down.

One essential tool if you want to market online is an autoresponder.  With an autoresponder you can build an email list or a database and be able to communicate and build relationships with that list.  This is Internet Marketing 101.

Here is where people get lost or struggle a bit.

They have to learn to write emails that people will want to open and this can take years and years of study and practice to become great at it.  Not only that its time consuming and most people will not want to do it.  Another downside when it comes to a typical autoreponder is you really can’t see who is a hot lead or a cold lead. Yes, there is some tracking available, but for the most part you can’t see how long someone has watched your video or know when you have a warm lead, hot lead or a cold lead.

What Home Business Labs provides you is a very simple system that you can send traffic to and be able to track exactly what your leads are doing.  You will be able to see how long they have watched a video and what they are clicking on.  Each lead is given a score depending on the actions they take and you can easily see when a prospect is getting close to where they are ready to buy.

Also when you become a member of our team and decide to utilize Home Business Labs you will not have to concern yourself with being able to write a follow up emails series.  Instead this is done for you by a 7 figure marketer and these emails are tested to make sure they are converting before they are even added.

The big question is do they convert?

At the time of posting this boy do they!  We are seeing some of the highest numbers ever.

In the last 2 weeks alone there have been:

•          42,627 emails sent

•          41.49% open rate

•          10.01% click rate

•          0.29 bounce rate

•          1.15 Unsubscribe rate

To get that kind of open rate and a better than 10% click rate I would say its working.

Not only that I just talked with a guy that had only 16 leads in his system and he already made a sale!

Home Business Labs alone could easily be its own business and you get access to it as a bonus when you become part of our team.

But Wait! Theres More!

Like I wrote earlier in this post.  There is so much being offered there is no possible way I could share it all, but I am going to try.

So if having all your leads tracked and followed up with by 7 figure marketers was not enough they decided to sweeten the deal.

Over the next 2 months more and more is going to be rolling out.  Right now we have multiple tested landing pages both to help add business partners to our business and also 2 different customer funnels. These have all been tested and proven to convert well.

Here is where I hope you are sitting down when you are reading this.

Its pretty cool I must say.

So Home Business Labs does not just want you to get your own traffic. They want to help you with that as well.  So they have set up a full video submission site where you can post videos. This site is open to the public and anyone will be able to post videos on it.

The great thing for people that are using the system is they will have the ability to take the traffic that views those videos and send them into their funnel or back into all the members of Home Business Labs resulting in leads and signups.

Not only that Home Business Labs is also going to take part of the membership dues (start at $15 per month or 500 subscribers) and apply them to purchasing media buys that will provide leads and possible sales to all the members.

To simplify this… Home Business Labs is going to provide you with a way to get free traffic into your funnel that will watch your videos and join with you in your business.

I know your head is spinning by now with all the possibilities!

I mean you could have access to a full system that will help you build your business just like top marketers have access too.  A system that handles all the heavy lifting for you and is proven to get results.

At this point I would say its a no brainer.

There are a few other items I almost forgot to mention and this is a big one.

What happens with the leads?

The leads are yours to keep. Home Business Labs is not keeping your leads. This is a very important thing to understand because there are companies that want to do mostly everything for you, but they keep your leads.  They essentially are having you build their list for them.

That is not the case with Home Business labs. They are your leads to keep and do what you choose.

You also have the option of adding emails from prospects.  If you do this your prospect will be emailed a series of emails designed for your warm market.

Finally, a bulk email uploader is being added.  This means if you have an email list already you can load those right into the system.

So there you have it.  Everything you could of ever wished for to help you build your business.

Home Business Labs is not provided outside of our team and I for one have not seen too many teams or businesses that offer what our team offers. From everything we have offered with Team Wukar to Home Business Labs.

If you want to succeed online then this is the place you could.

So the question to ask yourself is if you had all the resources, support and training that our team provides could you succeed?

Take it another step further. If your team had all the resources, support and training that Team Wukar and Home Business Labs provides could they succeed?

If you answered yes to the above questions you already know what to do. GET STARTED with our team here.


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