Go Funnels – Income Update June 4th 2014

My Go Funnels Income Proof

Go Funnels is a new program that pays you for your leads and the leads that your teammates get as well.

Not only that Go Funnels has a simple system that if you feed it leads it will go about emailing, calling and re-targeting your leads so you will be able to create a residual income without having to do much heavy lifting.

Of course this depends on what you do. You still need to get the leads but Go Funnels shows you how to do that too by providing easy to follow training.

In the above video, you will see real proof of my results so far with Go Funnels. Today is June 4th 2014 and I started Go Funnels on May 26th 2014. Currently Go Funnels is not open to the public but it will be come Friday June 6th 2014.

Go Funnels Lets You Keep Your Leads

Unlike other programs that pay you for your leads but they keep your leads, Go Funnels lets you keep your leads. So you don’t only get paid for your leads and your teammates leads but you also get to keep your leads as well and build your most valuable asset which is an email list.

When a new lead comes into Go Funnels what happens is your lead goes onto our list and it also goes to the house list for Go Funnels. There are two reasons this is a good thing. First off you get to keep your lead. This means you can market anything you want to your leads.

It can be Go Funnels or it can be a completely different business or product all together. Its your lead so you do it as you wish. As I stated above your lead also goes to the house list for Go Funnels. This is how they are going to be able to market Go Funnels for you. This is how that nice residual income is going to occur. You see Go Funnels is going to email your leads, call your leads and also re-target your leads so you will start to get sales on auto. Of course this depends on you feeding the system. The system will not work if you do not give it leads.

Go Funnels Offers You Training On How To Get Leads

So I know one of the biggest issues for many marketers is getting leads. It really does not matter if you have a great system because if you don’t know how to get leads then its not going to work for you anyway. I used to think entirely the same way too. The truth is getting leads really is very simple but just in case you are not sure how to do it Go Funnels offers training on how you can get leads and feed this system so you will be able to generate a residual income without too many concerns.

Go Funnels teaches you free ways to get leads so if you are on a tight budget you will still be able to produce leads and it also teaches you paid strategies that will allow you to scale your business fast.

So if you want to get paid for ALL your leads and ALL your teammates leads and you want a simple system that allows you to create an automated residual income then go to http://paulgfarmer.com/paid4leads


There is way more about Go Funnels that I was not able to cover in this post. Please go here now and watch this video to get ALL the informationĀ or click on the red banner below.


To your abundance,

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