Go Funnels Update 8/28/14 – Done For You Traffic Provided

Go Funnels Has Done For You Traffic Now

Go Funnels now is going to have done for you traffic!  This means you can join Go Funnels and your traffic is taken care of.
I know this is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to marketing and it is probably one of the most asked questions.  How can I get traffic? Well now that is no longer an issue. Go Funnels is going to provide you with very good traffic.

One thing you should know about Go Funnels is they don’t pay you for crap traffic. I know from experience and its not that I was intentionally buying bad traffic. In fact I thought I was buying good traffic, but what is happening in the industry is people are being taken advantage of and not getting what they pay for.

Maybe this has happened to you and it has left a sour taste in your mouth. There is not much worse than spending your hard earned money and getting nothing for it because the person you decided to trust and provide you a service did not honor the agreement.

I could get very deep into this because it really is something that is hurting a lot of people and it makes me angry, but I am going to save that for a different post.  The take away here though is you can go out and spend time and money testing and do your best to find a good traffic provider or you could just plug into the traffic that Go Funnels is providing for you.

Go Funnels Provides Everything You Need To Make Money Online

Go Funnels is the complete inbound marketing system. It provides everything you need to start making money online. When you become a member of Go Funnels you will get your own auto-responder where you will be able to build your own list.  You get to keep your leads and get paid for them too when you get them. Your leads will also go to the house list and this is where the magic happens.

Its where you get to sit back relax and let the experts go to work for you. They are going to send emails to your leads, direct mail, call, and retarget your leads.

So your business will look something like this.

  • First, you go and buy some done for you traffic from Go Funnels.
  • Second, a percentage of the traffic will convert into an optin meaning they entered their email address into your capture page.
  • Third, your lead will go to your list and the house list and you will also get paid for your lead.
  • Fourth, a percentage of your leads will become Go Funnels Members.
  • Fifth, most will not buy, but they will be part of the follow up sequence and if they decide to opt out they will be retargeted so they will get to see the message again.

Also at the same time you could be marketing to your leads whatever you choose to and the people that did become members of Go Funnels will be receiving follow ups reminding them to upgrade or miss out on commissions.

Look at the illustration below to see how it all works.

Go Funnels

As you can see everything you need to succeed online is found in Go Funnels.

The only missing ingredient is “YOU”!

I want to go back to a point I made earlier.

I said you didn’t have to do anything and you could just sit back and relax and let the experts do the follow up for you.

Well that is great and all if you just want to be average.

I am pretty sure though that you’re not average. In fact if you are taking the time to read this post I know your not average because most would not even bother reading and just go back to reading the Facebook Newsfeed and watching the latest funny cat video or whatever the newest fad is.

That is great and all. I am sure they are entertained but what separates the people who are making money and the ones watching funny cat videos is their bank account.

If you take your business seriously and give it your all you will have an asset that will pay you many times over the amount you originally put into it.

With Go Funnels they have taken down most of the barriers that stop most people dead in their tracks.

They don’t want to see you struggle for years online and barely make a dime.

That is why they are completely focused on Go Funnels and helping you make an income that could really change your life for the better.

I have spoke with Michael Somerville who is one of the owners of Go Funnels a few times on the phone. These were conversations that lasted hours and it was not just about business.  He is in this to help you make money.

There are far too many people struggling to make any money online. The main reason why is because you are being led on this wild goose chase and being told that you need this product and that product. I know because I have done it. I know because I have spent thousands of dollars only to end up still struggling and nothing to show for it but less money in my bank account.

You can’t make the decision to not Partner With Go Funnels

Do whatever it takes to position yourself to earn the most.

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