Global Moneyline Review Day 62 – New Leaderboard Added In Global Money Line

In today’s Global Moneyline Review I share with you my latest results.

There has been a new leaderboard added to Global Money Line now. It shows how many free members people have brought into Global Moneyline sense it first beta launched back on June 1st 2016. I made the list at #10. Me personally though I would like to see it show sales instead of just free members because anyone with a big following and a big list will always be able to be at the very top.

Global Moneyline is completely free to join. Once you join you will start getting leads placed under you that you can message anything you choose to message them with.

I highly recommend upgrading to the highest subscription level in Global Moneyline which is Platinum. The main reason I recommend this is because it will position you to earn more inside of Global Moneyline and also outside of it as well.

Global Moneyline in a nutshell is advertising and if you have a business you absolutely need to be advertising your business as much as you possibly can.

Global Moneyline makes this possible and its very affordable as well.

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