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Hey Workd Ones!  Today’s workout really had me working hard. In fact I was not even sure I was going to be able to complete the entire thing. Make sure you eat a little something like a piece of fruit and some yogurt before starting this routine. It requires a lot of energy to get through everything. Also make sure you lighten the load in your sandbag. We are doing rotational movements today and you do not need to have a lot of weight. If you need it to be more difficult you can go faster with the moves. Only go faster when you have mastered the technique though, otherwise you may injure yourself. Yes, today’s workout is really going to push you hard, but I know you can do it and you are going to feel awesome once you have completed it. It took me just over 14 minutes to finish this bad boy. I did take a few rest in between the exercises. This was needed for me to be able to complete the workout.

If you want to burn calories, get a lean body this workout is perfect for that. Please don’t be intimidated by what I have written. I know you are probably thinking there is no way you can do it. Don’t think that way though. Get started on it and do the best you can. If you have to pause every now and then do it. Make sure you complete it though. Do your best to do all the reps. I know it is hard but you can do it, I know you can.

If today is your first day here at Workd Fitness welcome. There are more than 20 workouts you can choose to do. Do them most days of the week and you will start seeing results you can be proud of. Those of you that have been doing the workouts all this time I want to say great job! You are doing so great and I know you are feeling great. If you like what we are doing here please leave a comment. Comments are always appreciated.

Also make sure you tell everyone you know about the “Free” workouts.
One more thing… Some of you I am sure are thinking I don’t have a sandbag. This should not hold you back. It is very simple to make your own or just modify it best you can. Easiest way to make your own is to get a duffel bag  and fill it with sand. Now use Guerrilla Tape to seal it in. There you go a sandbag and it is super cheap to make. Workd One’s don’t make excuses. Instead they find a way to get it done. Get Workd!

Today’s Workout was 390 reps of fun. It consist of 4 different exercises. These are  20 Sandbag Circles Right and Left sides,  20 Sandbag Slams between legs, 20  Plank Pulls, and 50 Steam Engines. You do this for a total of 3 rounds or 390 reps. You are trying to complete the routine a quickly as possible. Use the stopwatch function on your interval timer.


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