Go Funnels Update July 11, 2014 – Got Paid Again

You Can Get Paid For Your Leads With Go Funnels

In the above video I share with you what Go Funnels paid me for the month. This is the second time Go Funnels has paid me and I know this is just the start. Go Funnels is unique because it provides you with a way to either pay for your marketing expenses or provide a substantial discount to them.

Before Go Funnels if you wanted to get traffic you had to pay for it and you did not have guarantees that you would make any money. With Go Funnels you get paid per lead and when you upgrade you get paid for your teammates leads as well. This can really add up fast and help contribute to your marketing. I am just talking about the leads right now and not even taking in account of the sales that your team could be making or your own sales. On top of that Go Funnels has much more in store and when that happens you really won’t have to go anywhere else to make a living online.

Go Funnels Takes Care Of The Heavy Lifting So You Won’t Have To

Another bonus about Go Funnels is they email, direct mail, call and re-target your leads for you so literally you could just focus on getting leads and allow the system to go to work for you.

If you would like to get paid for you leads, would like to leverage the efforts of others so you can go to the beach and relax and know money is being made then Go Funnels is for you.

Also be sure to check out our team training site www.dreambigteam.com When you partner with us you will get access to our training’s and many other resources.

See you on the inside.

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To your abundance,

Go Funnels
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