Go Funnels Update 9/15/14 – Testing and Tweaking So You Don’t Have To

Go Funnels Is Always Making Changes To Improve Conversions

If you are not a member of Go Funnels yet GO HERE now and GET STARTED.  Go Funnels provides everything you need to start making money online and they are always testing and tweaking things in the background to make it so its members make the most money.

Go Funnels now has done for you traffic and its converting great.  Traffic is always a concern for people and it can be a real challenge.  I know first hand because I have spent thousands on traffic only later to learn that the solo ad provider was not delivering what was promised.  This is happening all too often. To find good providers you would have to know someone or go and use your hard earned money and test many different providers until you find a good one.  Solo ads are only one form of paid marketing, but lets face it there is a learning curve for everything and you could end up spending thousands of dollars and have very little to show for it.

That is why Go Funnels is offering done for you traffic because they understand the hurdles you will face when it comes to buying traffic and they want to remove all obstacles that could stand in your way.

When you buy traffic from Go Funnels its a whole system within a system. They do all your tracking and tweaking for you while your traffic goes out. What this means is while your campaign is going out your traffic is being monitored.  Go Funnels can see what your traffic is doing.  How long are they staying on the page?  Are they opting in? Where are they going after they leave your capture page or sales page?  They then can change the capture page and make the tweaks necessary to get you better conversions all while your campaign is still running.  What this means to you is everything that can be done to get you better conversions is being done.

When I learned this was happening I was blown away because normally this does not happen.  I know a normal solo ad provider would not do this for you.  Instead you would send in your link and the ad would start running.  Sure you could see if it was not converting that great and switch up your capture page on the fly, but you probably could not  see what your traffic was doing after they leave the page, or how long they were staying on the page for.

Go Funnels Removes Most Of The Obstacles People Face Online

They really are removing most of the obstacles most marketers face when they come online. Pretty much everything you need to succeed online is provided within Go Funnels and they are adding more to the system all the time to help you make even more money.  Since Go Funnels now provides traffic to its members that converts making money online is simple when you use the Go Funnels Marketing System.

Go Funnels is a machine that once you turn it on it is designed to get you sales.  They provide all the follow up for you.  They are going to email your leads, call your leads and even retarget your leads for you.  They have the capture pages and and sales funnels done for you. All you have to do is set up your link, get some traffic that is provided for you and then let the system go to work for you.

Another perk about Go Funnels is they pay you for your leads.  Usually if you were to pay for traffic you would not get paid for your leads and the only way you would make money is if you made sales from your advertising. With Go Funnels though when you get a tier one leads you get paid either 20 cents per lead or 30 cents per lead depending on the level you are at.  If you get started on the second level which is called Gopro you will be paid 30 cents and then 20 cents for your second tier leads. These are the leads that your teammates are getting not you!  This can start adding up really fast especially if you have teammates that are doing advertising.

Now there are some programs that pay for leads but most of those programs you don’t get to keep your leads. Basically what is happening in these cases is you are helping to build a list for someone else. They are reaping the rewards and you are not building anything substantial because the leads are not going to you.

It is well documented that if you want to make any money online it is crucial to be building an email list.  Basically every lead you have on your list is worth about $1 a month.  That means if you have 10,000 leads on your list you should be making 10k a month. For some marketers their list is worth about $3 a lead.

As you can see building a list is really one of you most important activities you should be doing and that is why Go Funnels is different.
In Go Funnels you get paid for your leads but you also get to keep your leads because they have their very own autoresponder that rivals Aweber and Get Response.  You will be able to set up an email follow up series, and send out broadcasts to your list as well.  You can even market any product or service you want because its your list.

Lets Do a Quick Recap of Everything Go Funnels Provides For You:

– Done For You Traffic Complete With Tracking and Tweaking
– Done For You Capture pages and Sales Funnels
– Full Autoresponder
– Done For You Follow Up, Email, Calling, and Retargeting
– Pay You For Your Leads and Teammates Leads

and much much more including training to teach what is working now.

If you are serious about making money online…

You can’t MAKE THE DECISION to not GET STARTED with Go Funnels


To your success,

Go Funnels

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*Income Disclaimer
Go Funnels is set up to help you make money online and to make it very simple.  Please remember that like in any business what you put into it is what you will get out of it.   If you do zero you will make zero. If you buy traffic and are getting leads its pretty safe to say that sales will follow but it won’t hurt you to do a little bit a follow up with your leads yourself.  So remember at the end of the day its your business.  Its surely not a lottery ticket or some get rich scheme.  If you work your business like its a business Go Funnels is set up to provide you a very nice income.

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