Are You Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables?


You should be geFruits and Vegetables 1tting about 5-9 servings a day of them.  If you remember from my last post on this subject I promised to show you a very easy way you can increase your fruit and vegetable daily intake. If you remember I listed numerous reasons why most people in fact do not get enough fruits and vegetables into their diet. Some of these reasons were they are too expensive, spoilage factor, just don’t want to take the time to prepare them or simply they just don’t like the taste.  Now that we know some of the reasons why we don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables we will look at why we should.

Reasons to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

  •  Good for your health
  •  Reduces your risk of Heart Disease
  •  Helps reduce high blood pressure
  •  Reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes
  •  Help prevent certain cancers


Fruits and vegetables 2Fruits and Vegetables are Nutrient Dense

Fruits and vegetables pack a lot of nutrition into a rather small amount of calories. For those of you interested in losing weight this is a great choice because you can eat a lot and not go over your daily calorie limit. A half a cup of vegetables is about 35 calories. (the amount in one little teaspoon of butter.  Fruits and vegetables contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and health-building substances, called phytonutrients.

You Can Get Full Faster For Less

Because fruits and vegetables are packed with fiber you get fuller faster. It is pretty much impossible to over eat them.

Fruits and Vegetables Provide Energy

Fruits and Vegetables are a natural energy source and are high in the nutrients the body needs.

Now that you have seen the benefits of eating the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables and are now ready to start eating more fruits and vegetables, I want to introduce a product that makes eating all your fruits and vegetables easy. Before I go on, I want you to understand that this does not replace eating fruits and vegetables. You still need to be doing this. What this product does is it gets you off to a good start so if you forget to have a salad it is not a big deal.  To me it acts as an insurance policy for me getting enough fruits and vegetables.

So what is this product I am talking about?

 Drum Roll Please…

Its name if you have not guessed already is Shakeology and this is only available through Beachbody. Beachbody claims that this is going to be your most nutritious meal of the day. The reason is because in order to be able to equal the amount of fruits and vegetables that are included in just one serving of Shakeology you would have to eat 3 bowls of fruits and vegetables. By a show of hands, or how about comments, how many of you want to go and eat 3 bowls of fruits and vegetables? I guess I will have to wait and see on this one. I am guessing there are not too many of you that even can stock that many fruits and vegetables. If you did I would think you would be running to the store every other day to restock them because as I stated earlier fruits and vegetables don’t keep that long. Also if you were to do this how much money would this cost you? I am pretty certain your grocery bill would be pretty high.

Please watch this short video to find out just how much of each type fruit and vegetable you would need to eat to be the equivalent to what is in one serving of Shakeology.

Now that you know just what is in Shakeology (it’s pretty amazing right!) you can probably see how this nutrient packed shake could be great for your health and you are probably wondering how to go about getting it. I will get to that in just a little bit, but first I want to go over one more topic.

Shakeology is Low In Calories

How low you ask? Well one serving of the Chocolate flavor is just 150 calories if you use water, and it is 230 calories if you use milk. To me the amazing thing about this is it actually fills me up. I am usually not even hungry for about 2 hours after having this. If you are trying to lose weight and you can have something that has so few calories you are probably going to start losing weight. In fact many say that just by drinking Shakeology once a day as a meal replacement, they have lost 10 pounds and that is without exercise. Just think if you moved a little bit how much you would lose. Remember it is nutrient dense because fruits and vegetables are nutrient dense. Personally I don’t know anywhere else you can get so much nutrition in just one glass.


Make sure to visit the Shakeology website to learn more about it and how eating your recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables is easy with Shakeology.

Fruits and Vegetables 3

Fruits and Vegetables 4

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5 Responses to “Are You Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables?”

  1. You are challenging me to think about whether I get my veggies! I think I may need to order more Shakeology!

  2. Even though I actually like fruits and veggies, I KNOW I’m not getting enough. Thanks for getting the word out about Shakeology. People just don’t know what they’re missing. The first time I tried it was the chocolate in just plain water because I wanted to see what it was really like and, I gotta tell ya, I thought it was awesome! Thick, creamy and delicious. I was pleasantly surprised. It even put me in a good mood! People reading this…you really should try it. You will love it!

  3. I’d like to just share my success with Shakeology. Before drinking Shakeology I was an avid nail bitter for YEARS, and my nails had always been thin, split very easily and would have ridges in the nail. I also sometimes would have bathroom issues, irregular periods, depression, and even though I was following P90X I couldn’t shake the weight, or the symptoms. Now that I’ve been on Shakeology I have thick, strong nails – the kind most women pay for. I don’t have potty issues, my periods are now on point and I’m no longer taking anti-depressants. Another thing that’s a big deal is I have lost weight! It’s taken me some time to figure out what my calories should be, but now that I have I’m losing a pound per week. If you have thyroid issues this is a HUGE deal! We CAN lose weight! This has been the BEST investment I have made in my health! When I went on vacation I decided not to take it with me. For four days I took two doses of Excedrin twice a day, AND was tired, sluggish and just felt blah! As soon as I drank my shake again I was back on track. This is something much more than “just a shake” it’s my lifeline to better health!

  4. Thank You Suzanne for sharing your story with us. I have not found anyone yet that does not like Shakeology. It surprised me when my mom decided to buy and she loves it. I am happy that it is working so well for you. I am one that does not really use many supplements. I just don’t trust them, but Shakeology is different. You can read the ingredients and understand them for one thing. It is packed with 70 plus healthy ingredients. I have more energy and I really have not been sick since I have been taking it. Thanks again for sharing.


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