Free Up Your Life – Learn How to Manage Your Time Wisely

Time Managment 2I got this idea from Craig Holiday and also Dani Johnson has something very similar as well.I really liked how this worked and have since taught other people to do it as well who just never seem to have enough time.You see we all get 24 hours in a day. Many of us cram way too much into our days and we are stressed out and our lives are just crazy.Many don’t get the things done they need to be getting done but get caught up doing things that are really not that important. When you own a business you need to use your time very wisely. You need to do the things that make you most profitable first.

This means that if you have to run to the store for groceries or do a load of laundry you are going to need to do these things after you have done you most profitable activities.

I see this stuff happening all the time especially in the home business industry. Too many people treat their business like a hobby. They do everything else that really is not making them money and then use the excuse I don’t have the time.

This Means Is You Need Better Time Management

Another thing I see all to often is people come into a home business and then go and do all kinds of other activities that really have nothing to do with being profitable but they convince themselves that they are networking and it is going to benefit their business.

This may be true at some point but it surely is not a fast way to go about building a business. If you want to build a business you have to do the things that are going to make you successful.

What Does Any Business Need to Survive, to Grow?

For your business to grow it needs new customers constantly.

Is cleaning your desk off bringing you more customers?

Is doing a load of laundry bringing you customers?

Is doing 2 workouts a day bringing you customers?

Is going to the store bringing you customers?

Some may argue that it is and yes maybe a few clients may come out of this.

Lets remember though that we are talking about time management though.

So lets get into this. Basically the biggest thing I see that takes people away from getting their most profitable tasks done is all the distractions there are and I used to suffer from this as well.

I have since learned from those past mistakes and now do my best to get my most profitable tasks done first. Yes there is always room for improvement but I do know that if you do the things that make you profitable first you can then do the other stuff.

Time_ManagementSo this is what I have learned from Craig Holiday and Dani Johnson about setting up a calendar.

To start with you need to take out a piece of paper. Now you need to fold it in half lengthwise.

On the left side of the page write down what your priorities are. This should be what is most important to you in your life.

Some examples are:

Faith, family, business, health

Now that you have your priorities in order now lets fill out the right side of the page. This is where you are going to list everything you are doing in your day.

You want to list everything you do and for some of you, you might need an extra page to get everything in.

Once you are done with listing everything you do in a day you are going to look at the left side of the page and look at your priorities and then the right side. Now start circling things you are doing that match your priorities.

If what you are doing does not match your priorities then don’t circle it. Only circle the things that match your priorities.

Once you are done doing this you now have a list of your most important tasks and you can now see that the other stuff needs to go. That stuff is just taking you away from your priorities and it needs to go.

The next step is to take out your calendar. You want to color code your calendar so when you look at your calendar you can see exactly what needs to be done.

You can decide any color you want for whatever priority but just make sure they are color coded.

For example:

You could make business green. Basically pick whatever color you want. but make the different priorities different colors so you can just look at it and know what it is you are supposed to be doing.

Once you have your colors picked out you are going to start blocking out places in your calendar where these tasks can be done. You are going to highlight the blocks of time and when you do understand nothing can take its place. You are not allowed to change it if something comes up.

The reason you can’t change it is because it is too easy to do that. It is too easy to just push something to the side when something you want to do better comes up.

So lets say you have business blocked in from 2-4pm on a Saturday and a friend of yours calls you up and wants to get lunch. What are you going to do? Well if you follow the directions I have given, you will need to decline and stick with what is on your calendar. If you do this you will accomplish the task you set out to accomplish when you scheduled to do it.

Now on the other hand if you had lunch scheduled and you get a call about an appointment for your business you better not take that appointment. The reason is because that appointment was not scheduled in and if you have to change your lunch around what have you just done?

You basically are telling that person you were going to have lunch with that they are not that important. You are not valuing that relationship and putting business ahead of your friendship.

These things seem so simple yet so many people are guilty of this behavior. Better things come up and instead of finishing or sticking with what they scheduled they just go and do what pleases them.

This is not how you get things done and it is not how you become successful. Instead you end up not getting the tasks done you scheduled and then either end up being stressed out trying to get your task done or you just don’t do it which always seems to catch up to you one way or another.

So if you want to free up your time and actually have a life that is in order and not spent running around trying to get everything done and please everyone then do this exercise I explained above and see how much more you get done.

Remember this is not my idea. I am not the expert. I am just sharing what I have learned from people who are successful many times over.

Successful people leave clues for us to follow. Its up to us to pick up those clues and do what the successful people do.

I do hope setting up a calendar makes your day way more productive and actually strengthens your relationships with those closest to you.

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