Getting Motivated Is Easier Than You May Think

Beachbody ChallengeAre you lacking motivation to get started doing your fitness program or maybe starting your own business? Well I know for a fact that this is a very common thing and I am not immune to it myself.  What I have learned though is if you just keep thinking you lack motivation you will never ever get started and never accomplish anything.

So where exactly does motivation come from if thinking does not work? Motivation comes from the process. It comes from taking action. For Example, lets say you want to lose 50 lbs and you are sitting on the couch and thinking to yourself as you watch the P90X infomercial for the 20th time that if you just had the motivation to start working out you would feel better. You would not have to suffer from low self esteem and need to hide under a towel or huge t-shirt because you are so ashamed of your body. So you continue watching the P90X infomercial and start thinking there is no way I could do that.

Pretty soon excuses start rising up. You start thinking of every single reason why you could not possible ever do that program. You start justifying that it is to expensive and you could not spend that kind of money. You start saying to yourself I am to busy and I don’t have time. You might think that you just are not in shape enough. ( This one is my personal favorite by the way) Back when I ran a fitness bootcamp I would hear this all the time and it would just make me laugh because I just could not understand this way of thinking. So what exactly is going to get you in shape? Is sitting on the couch and not exercising going to do it for you?

So here is my advice and you can take it or leave it.


Motivation is not something you can just think about. I hear it all the time that people lack motivation to exercise. They say things like I am just not motivated right now. Maybe when I get motivated I will start. Here is the thing though. It is not possible for you to get motivated by thinking about it. Motivation comes when you start seeing results. When you start doing and stop thinking you start getting results and then you want more results.

Since this is a blog on fitness I will use fitness as an example:

Lets say that you are one of these people that want to just think about doing a workout program. Maybe you have been offered some great programs such as the Beachbody Challenge that will provide you with everything you could ever possibly need to get great results fast, but for some reason you just don’t believe it. You convince yourself that you don’t have the motivation to do the program even though that is what the program is all about.

Before I move on let me ask you this, who are you hurting by not taking this opportunity? Many people don’t see this but it is not just about them. If you are out of shape and unhealthy it affects your family, your friends, your coworkers and whoever else you encounter in your life. No its not just about you and if you think that it is you are being very selfish.

Let me get back to motivation and how you get it. So lets say you decide that you are serious and you just don’t want to let your excuses control your life anymore so you decide to invest in yourself and join the Beachbody Challenge. As you get started you are feeling very overwhelmed because you are doubting that you can do this. You are not really sure what you are getting into but you know that if you keep going the way you are going things are not going to get better but worse.

The Beachbody Challenge begins and you are plugged into a Beachbody Coach and other members that are going through the same struggles and hurdles as you are. As you start communicating with the other members and your Beachbody Coach you start to realize that this is not as bad as you thought it was going to be. You start realizing that you are not alone in this process and there are others just like you doing it as will. You are now starting to see the light and getting some motivation.

The first week passes and you do all your workouts. You are drinking Shakeology and you are sore everywhere. This is hard but you are doing this with others and they are sharing what they are going through as well. You are feeling pretty proud right now that you have made it this far and you realize that in fact you can now do this.

Now you are a month into the Beachbody Challenge, and you are starting to see some good results. You are starting to feel stronger and you have more energy. You are losing inches and gaining muscle and along with it your confidence is increasing. Other people are starting to notice a change in you and they are asking you what you are doing.

Now you have made it 2 months in. You are feeling really great. You have made some new friends and your coach is keeping you motivated. Now you are really seeing good results and you have people asking all the time what you have been doing because your results are so great. People are now coming to you and asking you for help.

You are now in your final month and you are feeling better than you have ever felt. Finally, you are where you want to be or almost where you want to be. You are now motivated to go on and do this on your own. In fact now you want to help others just like your coach does. You want as many people as you can reach to experience what you have experienced. You never ever want to go back to where you were before. You are now able to play with your kids and do things you just could not do before. You are now proud to go to the beach or the pool and don’t have to hide behind a towel or big T-shirt.

The point I am making here is motivation does not happen by just thinking about it. No motivation is a process and by your actions you find the motivation. When you start seeing results then that motivation grows even deeper. There is no mystery to this.

So next time you catch yourself saying you don’t have the motivation take a step back and really think about why that is. Are you just thinking about not having motivation? If you are then get started doing whatever it is you lack the motivation to do and you will find motivation.

In my example I used the Beachbody Challenge to help you get motivation to change your fitness life or just your life in general. There are some very valuable things the Beachbody Challenge will provide you. First you will get a quality fitness program that works if you do it. Second you will be drinking Shakeology daily. This very low calorie extremely nutrition meal replacement shake will be your healthiest meal you eat all day and it is an essential component to your success. Next the Beachbody Challenge provides you with support of a Beachbody Coach like myself and there are cash rewards as well.

If you want to get in great shape and you want to do it fast then the Beachbody Challenge delivers. On top of that it is so affordable. Way more affordable than your gym membership and don’t even get me started on the thousands of dollars you can end up spending on personal training. A cheap rate for personal training is $30 an hour and just remember you get what you pay for. If you want a quality trainer it is going to run you at least $60 an hour if not more.  Even if you only went once a week to see your trainer you are going to end up spending way more money than you would by doing the Beachbody Challenge. The Beachbody Challenge is done everyday of the week. There are rest days, but you have support every day of the week.

As a former personal trainer I can tell you for a fact that the Beachbody Challenge will get you better results and save you a ton of money as well than going to the gym or getting a trainer.

One thing the gyms have done that is so great for them but not great for you is they have you thinking you have to go to a gym to get in top shape and the sad thing is people believe it so they continue to pay their memberships even if they don’t go to the gym. Now I have nothing against the gym really. If I can though I would rather pay for something that is going to get me results and save me money in the end.  As I told you I used to be a personal trainer and I lived in the gym basically. I was there at 6 am in the morning and did not leave until 10 pm at night many times. I actually like the gym a lot but cost wise and results wise I don’t feel it delivers like the Beachbody programs do.

Another thing the gyms have done is people think that they can’t workout if they don’t have money to get a gym membership. This is another lie and even if you can’t afford to do the Beachbody Challenge I can show you many different ways you can workout and it won’t cost you one cent.

I can spend my time knocking down every single excuse that you could throw at me. Yes they are excuses and all they do is hold you back. At some point you going to have to get fed up with making excuses and just get to doing and taking action. When you do motivation will come and with motivation comes results.

So this is what I want you to do right now. I want you to decide to take action. I want you to stop saying you lack motivation and that you are ready to take action and you are going to just do it. You are going to just get started and you understand by doing so motivation is going to come and when it does it is going to just continue getting stronger and stronger.

If you are ready and you are serious about getting results fast then take the Beachbody Challenge. I promise you that this program will work if you do what you are asked to do. If you take short cuts I can’t guarantee you anything but if you listen and do what you are asked to do you will go through a transformation both physically and mentally.

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