What Are The Extra Expenses Needed For The No Website System?

The No Website System Has Minimal Expenses

The No Website System pretty much comes with everything you need to start earning $250 sales right away.  In any business though there are expenses.  What is great about this program is your expenses are very small and they are optional.

In any business if you want to have a successful business there are going to be tools and advertising costs to consider.  The  No Website System is a business so you will have a few marketing expenses.

First, you will be asked to purchase your own phone number. This is a very tiny expense and it will only cost you $9.95 a month. This phone number will have your area code and every time someone calls your number you will receive an email showing that persons number who called and how many minutes they listened to the message for.

This is the number you will use to promote The No Website System.  Now I have read that it is optional to get this number but since this is the primary way this program stands out and its only $9.95 a month you are going to want to use it.

When you first get your number and you call it you will hear a automated message saying leave a message.  Don’t do this!  Just leave everything  alone because your message will be set up for you.  You will not have to do anything else with your number.  All you will need to do is advertise it so people can call it and listen to the message.

Have Your Own Domain Name

When you first get started and your message is entered into your new phone number your prospects will be directed to specific website to watch a short video and to GET STARTED.   The website that they will be directed to will be in the form of a number.   Now you could use this number as your domain name, but it really is not an easy domain for people to remember. What you want is something very simple that anyone could recite.  You have the option to buy your own domain name and use it.  This is a very small expense that might cost you 3 dollars but its one you will want to do if you want to make it simple for people to find your website and you SHOULD want to MAKE IT EASY for them.

Once you have your domain you are going to want to get that domain name said on your phone message.  In order to do that you will need to send $20 one time to the email address specified and it will be set up for you by the people of The No Website System.

The Marketing Cost Involved For The No Website System

Your marketing cost for this program are optional.  There are many many ways you could go about marketing The No Website System, but I am going to focus on what they provide for you for now.  They have 1 million leads that can be voice broadcasted.  These leads are open to making money from home and this $250 program is very appealing because of how simple it is to use.  If you want to market to these leads just pay $99.00.  (That is the price at the time of writing this post on 10/10/14.  It might have changed if you are reading this in the future.)  At this time though you will get 2900* Leads and 5000 broadcast minutes for $99.

Once you have purchased your leads and minutes there is nothing else you need to do.  There is no set up process for you.  All you do is wait for your broadcast to be set up then sit back relax and watch your leads and sales start coming in.

This system is set up for you to succeed without having to go through the huge learning curve that most online marketers will have to go through.

There is:






Its all setup for you and all you have to do to start getting $250 payments paid directly to you is GET STARTED and turn this system on.

Some Optional Ways To Market This Program

Just like any other business there are many ways to go about marketing and it really depends on what you want to do.  You could use free strategies such as chatting on Facebook, writing blogs,  articles,  shooting videos,  posting on social media,  posting classified ads like in Craigslist and Backpage and much much more.

You could also go the paid route and buy solo ads, do PPC,  PPV,  Banners, PTC, and any other types of paid advertising where you can get people to see your offer.

As you can see there are many options to choose from when marketing this program.  The simplest is to use the tools that are provide to you with this program.

If you need help with your marketing I have a private team training site that I provide to you when you decide to Join The No Website Program with me.  This training site is only available to paid members and in it I share with you a simple daily plan of action that I use to make thousands online using mostly free strategies.  I have been told that I should be selling what I provide as a product, but I really want to help people make money online and end the struggle so you get it FREE when you DECIDE to GET STARTED with me.

To Join or to get more info CALL (714) 500-8370 or go to www.NoWebsiteIsNeeded.com


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