6% Daily Earnings!


Here are the instructions to begin earning 6% DAILY from
your smart phone within a few hours from now!

This works seamlessly, just be sure to follow the instructions
below when setting it up. It’s super simple.
Follow these instructions IN THIS ORDER:

1. Add the TELEGRAM APP to your phone and open an
account (no cost to open) everything works directly from this app, so you need to download this first!

2. IMPORTANT: Click the Button below FROM YOUR PHONE,
not your computer. CLICK BUTTON from your phone,
but you must download theTelegram app first.

Or Copy This Link And Open It In Your Phone’s Browser:

3. Click START and follow instructions –
You will be prompted to select your language.

This is how your BetRobot platform will appear on your phone:

Explanation of the fields above:

INVEST: When you click on ‘Invest’ you will receive an immediate
text response with the BTC address to send your investment to.
(Minimum is 0.02 BTC)

If you use your bitcoin wallet from your phone you can proceed that way, otherwise simply copy the BTC address to an email to yourself and complete your bitcoin transaction from your computer (allow around an hour or so until you see it show up in your
BETROBOT account).

REINVEST: By clicking on Reinvest you can reinvest your balance
automatically when you reach a minimum of 0.02 in earnings. Do this over and over again so you MAKE MONEY with your profits! You get paid every 4 hours!

MY TEAM: To get your referral link, simply click here and it will be messaged to you immediately.

Referral System:

1st Level: 15%
2nd Level: 3%
3rd Level: 2%

WITHDRAW: You will be prompted to set your withdrawal address, add your bitcoin address to the message area and click send.
Minimum withdrawals are 0.01 BTC. When you are ready to withdraw use command /out AMOUNT, for example /out 1.5
Withdrawals take about 1 hour to reflect in your bitcoin account.

HISTORY: Click here when you want a detailed history of your investments and earnings, and to see your account balance. You will notice your balance changes reflecting your earnings each hour, up to 6% each day.

Add your Bitcoin now to start earning within an hour – 6% daily up to 180% return per month!

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