Direct Pay System Has An Owner That Really Cares

Direct Pay System Is Different

How you might ask?

Well for starters the owner is different. The owner Tim Berger takes time to call you and welcome you when you join Direct Pay System. He also takes the time to do calls 3 days a week to offer training to members of Direct Pay System and information calls twice a week to give potential partners information about what high ticket money could do for them.

What really blew me away about about Direct Pay System though was the fact that Tim Berger who is the owner would actually call my potential partners.

Now I don’t know if this happens often, but in this particular case I had requested the Direct Pay System phone team to call a potential partner for me at a certain time. She had been busy and was not able to answer the phone when she had requested so I sent an email to Tim and asked if someone would call my potential partner at such and such time.

It was not until I spoke with my potential partner that I learned that Tim had called her personally. She was blown away as was I.  She had heard Tim on an information call and then had him calling her and talking to her.

The Owner Of Direct Pay System Called My Potential Partner

This really showed me that Direct Pay System is different. The owner really does care and will take the time to help you if you ask.
I can’t say I have ever had this happen and I seriously doubt it does.

All I know is having the owner of my company call a potential partner for me is huge.  When you can have someone of authority calling for you that shows the person who is considering coming on board that they will be helped and that the owner is not afraid of helping its members that is a game changer for sure.

I don’t think this is something Tim does all the time but you don’t need him to because Direct Pay system has a quality phone team that will do the calling and selling for you so you don’t have to.  All you have to do is plug into the system and let the system go to work for you.

To be part of a company where the owner goes above and beyond for you…

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Direct Pay System
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