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Direct Pay System Now Has An In House Call Center

Now Direct Pay System has a full in house call center. This service is optional to use for members of Direct Pay System but it is highly encouraged.

Essentially what this means is when you get leads into the DPS system they will be called, followed up and closed by the call center for you.

This means even if you have not had any success or lack experience when it comes to marketing online or a home based business you could have success and start earning from $320-$5,120 a sale.

Before the addition of the new call center Direct Pay System had a Call Back Request Team.  The way this worked was if a prospect requested a call back they would be called by a member of the Direct Pay System Call Back Team and they would get their questions answered while getting help getting started.

This was a great feature and could really help you close some big sales, but it relied on someone requesting a call back and taking the time to fill out their information so they could be called back.

This did and does happen, but a lot of the time what happens is people look and never click on the button to receive a call back.

Most people are not interested in requesting more information for whatever reason. Perhaps they are worried they are going to get sold and not be able to say no.

Whatever the reason while it works to an extent it could be improved on and now it has with the addition of the new call center.

Are There Any Additional Charges To Use The New Direct Pay System Call Center?

Yes there is an additional cost to using the call center but when look at how much time you are going to be saving using the call center its really next to nothing.

For $19.97 a month you will get access to the call center but that is not all.

You also get 4 100% Customized Marketing Funnels for Direct Pay System
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If the call center (Big Ticket Money Box) is not for you that is completely fine. It is an optional service and if you would prefer to call your own leads and close your own sales feel free to do that.

For most people though having a call center that is going to call and close your leads for you so you get PAID BIG MONEY makes perfect sense and will not only help them make way more MORE but FREE up their time as well.

The call center is just one of the many upgrades that Direct Pay System has recently added.  You can read about some of the other additions and upgrades here.

It has never been a better time for you to GET STARTED with Direct Pay System.

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