Day 1 In Vegas At Coach Summit 2012

So tomorrow is the official day of Summit beginning. I got into Las Vegas about 5 pm and after checking in I headed down to the MGM Convention Center to register for Summit. Walking into the Convention Center you see picture after picture of  Elite Coaches. They show when they joined Beachbody, how long it took them to get to Diamond rank and what rank they are now. I thought this was pretty cool. Walking in a little further there are letters that are about 6 feet tall spelling out the word COMMIT. Here all the Beachbody Coaches have signed their name and left a little message. I took a few pictures of this and you can see them below.

I went and checked out the Core and that is pretty cool. It is a very large area with all kinds of Beachbody gear. There were videos of what of the different celebrity trainers and every Beachbody product was available. I will be writing a lot more about my experience at Summit 2012. This is my first time going to one of these. I almost forgot the pillars of coaches names listed at the core. I am an Emerald Coach so it was pretty awesome to see my name up there. I took a picture and I will share that with you in this post as well.

With registration I was given a packet with two packages of Energy and Endurance. I am sure I am going to need that for my workouts. I am planning to get up and be at Shaun T’s workout at 6am in the morning. I saw the pictures of the Tony Horton Workout today and that place was packed. Unfortunately I was not able to make that workout. Also included with my registration pack was a wristband, a guide to all the events going on at Summit and a badge with a lanyard and my coach rank. I saw a lot of coaches wearing those when I was walking through the MGM Casino and that it made them look pretty important.

Ok I am going to wrap this up. I have to get up early. Below are a few pictures of my first day. Tomorrow is going to be a busy one and I am expecting to learn a lot.


Here are some of the photos of today:

That’s my name written on the COMMIT wall.




That’s me pointing at my name on the wall!


Another one of me pointing to my name on the COMMIT wall


My name on the Emerald Pillar at The Core



So that is all I have for today. I am looking forward to tomorrow and all I am going to learn. Make sure to check back  here to see more of my experience at Summit 2012.


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