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Crush It Formula FAQS

Since I have been getting so many questions about The Crush It Formula I decided it would be best for everyone if I were to share with you a FAQ Page so you can get a really clear understanding of it.

Couple of things… People ask: What exactly is The Crush It Formula Offering? What kind of program is this? Why are there two levels $27 and $997?

Let me address them quickly:

WHAT EXACTLY IS The Crush It Formula Offering?

The Crush It Formula offers The CRUSH IT Formula Partnership program to help you build your business. We have a 1.2 Million dollar formula and business plan that we put together over the years and have created step by step videos to help you achieve online success.

We know and understand that while you are learning and getting things together, you will experience a learning curve, and probably wont be as successful as you would like because you are to busy learning and getting the hang of things so we decided to DO THE MARKETING FOR YOU WHILE YOU LEARN.

We figured why should it take you so long to get results where we can hit the ground running for you. So, to cut down cost of marketing, we market as a collective group so we can get the best traffic, best leads, and make sales. Our job is to create the best products, get the best leads and MAKE YOU SALES. Right now our product is the CRUSH IT FORMULA. When we make a sale you get paid. When we make a profit, you get paid. Just like a partnership.


It’s a marketing automation program where everything is done for you. You choose to participate or not and still get paid. If you decide to drive your own traffic,  refer your own friends and colleagues you make more money. Make sense right?


We’ve been asked this question so many times and I hope this will help you out.


We want everyone who has come in contact with us to succeed. We want everyone to win and not feel left out. Often times what happens is those who can afford to participate do and others just fall by the waste side still with the hopes and dreams of becoming financially free.

So, we decided to give those who might not have the finances right at this minute the opportunity to partner with us on a smaller scale. The $27 dollar level gives you access to the CRUSH IT Formula and we will still market it for you but your payout and profit will be lower. You will receive 90% commission on a $27 dollar sale but if someone you refer pays at the $997 level you WILL NOT GET THE COMMISSION UNTIL YOU UPGRADE TO THE $997.

Why you asked?

Because of the level of investment in marketing. Remember the $27 dollar level is a starting point. It’s to help you be included and get you started. We want you to grow and be successful and In order to do that it will require a little more of an investment to do so. Calculate how much you are spending now and see for your yourself.

$997 Partnership Level

Hopefully you see what the difference is but I will explain. You get a bigger payout and bigger commission. You get to share in the profits of EVERYTHING THAT WE DO! .

Why you ask?

Because you are a partner. Think about it like this? We all  got together and started a business as partners and when its time to share we all get an equal amount of all company sales and profits. Isn’t that how partners work?

I hope I was able to answer any of the questions you had. If you have more you can always connect with me on Facebook.

If you are ready to make a decision that is going to impact your future then go ahead and Click Hereto become a partner at the $997 level.

If you don’t have $997 or you are just not ready to invest that much money, but you see the vision and how The Crush It Formula will benefit you than go ahead and Click Here to become a partner for just $27.

To your abundance,

Paul Farmer


Skype: futrrocker


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