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Why Are You Not A Millionaire Yet -10 Reasons

Below are 10 reasons why you are not a millionaire yet by Tim Sykes (a penny stock millionaire). Ask yourself if you are doing any of these bad habits and if you are get a plan together to stop doing these bad habits that are keeping you away from financial freedom.

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How To Become A Top Producer In Your Network Marketing Company

First of all this title is just a little bit misleading because in this video I don’t really teach you how to become a top producer. Instead I share with you something I heard on a podcast about the concept of being a producer or not being a producer that I felt would help you […]

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University Of Internet Science – All You Need to Succeed Under One Roof

University Of Internet Science Has Everything You Need Under One Roof The University Of Internet Science is a training platform that was created by 7 figure marketer Michelangelo Lopez. You can join University Of Internet Science completely free and when you do you will get access to hours of pure content training that will teach […]

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Are You Thinking Big Enough?

Are you thinking big enough? If someone told you they were only making 2k a month and wanted to make a million a month in 5 years how would your react?

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Holton Buggs Expanding Your Mind!

In the above video Holton Buggs talks about how he went from making just $500 a month in 7 years to $1,000,000 a month by shifting his mindset. This is a very powerful presentation where Holton Buggs shares his wisdom and shows you just what is possible if you give your business your all. Be […]

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