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What Is A Calorie Exactly?What is a Calorie

We all hear the term calorie and we know we are only supposed to get so many, but when it really comes down to it do we really understand what a calorie is.

What is a calorie exactly and why is it important to understand what a calorie is? Very simply put, a calorie is actually a unit of energy or heat it takes to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius.

Calories are what our body needs to function and without calories we would cease to live. On average a person needs about 1000 to 1400 calories just for their body to be able to do its basic functions. Without calories our hearts would not beat, or lungs would not work, nor would any of our other organs in our bodies.

The bare minimum of calories needed for our bodies to function is called the resting metobolic rate or RMR of short. This refers to the very minimum amount of calories our bodies need to run. If you want to do any type of activity then more calories would be needed.

Are All Calories The Same?

This is where the whole discussion of what is a calorie gets confusing. I am sure you have heard the expression a calorie is a calorie. What is a CalorieWell this is not entirely true. In fact it is not true at all. Calories are provided by fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Fats have the most calories per gram. A fat has 9 calories per gram. Carbohydrates and proteins have only 4 calories per gram.

Just by looking at this example you can see that not all calories are the same. So if you eat more fatty foods than foods with carbs and proteins then you are obviously going to be consuming more calories which could result in excess calories that your body will not be using but will be stored as fat.

Show Me An Example

Here is an example: Lets say you eat a donut for breakfast. Donuts are loaded with fat and sugar. So a donut by itself is probably going to be about 300 to 400 calories. Right away you can start to see how fast calories can add up. Just one donut is 300-400 calories. Lets say you have two donuts and you are a women whose daily calorie intake is 1200 calories. Well right there you have almost reached your daily amount of calories you should be consuming. On top of this you just ate some donuts which are not going to provide your body with any nutrition. All its going to do is make you feel sluggish and tired. All I am saying here is that calories add up fast if we are not careful we will be consuming more than our body needs.

Now lets take a look at a  protein example: I will use chicken in this example. A breast of chicken is about 250 calories. That is a whole chicken breast. You could eat two and be at 500 calories. It would be way more nutritious than a donut and provide your body what it needs to run more optimally. Also you will be able to eat more food as well.

The examples above are very simple. Obviously we don’t just eat chicken for our meals. We add other things to them. Also if you put anything on the chicken the calorie count will change.

The point I am making is you can eat a whole lot more calories if they come from a protein source or a carb source than a  fat source. It is best to stick with foods that are natural. They don’t come in a box, bag or a fast food restaurant. Those types of foods are loaded with extras and provide very little or what our bodies really need to run correctly.

So we have gone over what is a calorie and how they differ. We actually go way more in depth and really discuss what is a calorie in our Synergy In Motion Hangout today. Mariana shows us a really simple tool you can use to figure out how many calories you should be consuming in a day. She also shows you a very simple way to track your calories so whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or just maintain your weight this tool makes it very simple to do so.

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What is a Calorie

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