Does Blogging Work?

Does Blogging Really Work?

This seems to be on of those questions that is debated quite often. Some people swear its only about doing paid traffic, but I personally feel that blogging is something that will benefit your business in the long run.

So does blogging work? My answer is yes, and I show proof of how it works in the video above. Not only that but people like Ray Higdon, John Chow and Rob Fore have made fortunes by blogging.

So yes blogging works. What you have to understand is blogging isn’t going to bring you instant wealth. Blogging is a skill you need to develop and be consistent at for it to pay off.

Without the consistency its probably not worth your time blogging because the search engines will not give your blog much respect.

If you stick with it though blogging could become a great way to get free leads and the leads you get from your blog are much higher quality than leads you would get from cold traffic and a way to generate a sizable income.

Does Blogging Work Right Away?

I think the better question to ask instead of does blogging work is how long will it take for blogging to work.

I can tell you that I have been blogging pretty consistently for over 2 years now on one blog and I am now starting to see many more of my blogs rank in the search engines even when I am not doing any SEO.

I personally am happy that I started blogging. You just have to understand that blogging is a process and if you are going to do it its going to take on a life of its own. Its a part of you and it will reward you greatly if you continue to care for it.

If you abandon it though you might as well not blog at all.

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